Sunnuntaina 13. Helmikuuta 2005

Could you tell little about your history in this culture (how and when you found hiphop, etc.)?
Back in 1983 when bboying first hit big i America kids were doing it allover…Every neighborhood every kid in every city was doing it or trying to do it…If you couldnt bboy you learned to pop…So back then I first encountered it and continued for about 3 years til then I guess people got burnt out with it so I quit…I still had love for it and would do it whenever I had a chance then in 1992 I started to see people bust again and I was like YES!!! so me and a few friends started back…So I discovered hip hop through bboying….

How did you get your name CROS1?
I started writing in 1989 and I was going through names like crazy and one day I wrote a bunch of names and CROS sounded kinda catchy and I could write it real dope…So at first my friend dug the name so he took it but he was one of those guys that could never find a name so he wrote it for a week or so and moved on to another name…So I took the name over and it stuck ever since….

What events you’ve organized? Which one you consider best/worst?
I would have to say the best event Ive organized is probably Freestyle Session 3….. Everything went so smooth and the turn out was crazy…I had to shut the doors down cause the place couldnt fit more then 1000 people….Probably 300 people got stuck outside…But the battles were dope and circles were being tore up all night…And the music was on point…Also Out For Fame on the whole was a great accomplishment we came outta no where and did a Us National Championship we hit 11 cities then 2 regionals and a final all in the course of one year….As far as worse events I think they all were pretty dope…Maybe some dissapointing numbers on the money end but the vibe is always dope at the events I do….

Do you have any favorite crews/b-boys/b-girls?
My favorites are everywhere…But the ones I think are on there way up is definitely my friends…Rythm Bugs and Rock FOrce….Also individual bboys I like Crumbs, Remind, POE1, Benji, Cloud, Ruen, Iron Monkey, Reveal, Vietnam, Kamel, and countless others…I find inspiration from alot of people…I just love when people can rock it to the beat and respond in such a fluid manner….

In your opinion, which are the “crews of the future”?
The crews of the future man there are so many…I dont see the crews these days falling off anytime soon…But I see alot of crews coming up…There are so many that I really cant name them all….You can definitely see what Im talking about if you ever come to a Freestyle Session…Crews practice all year to show the world what they got there…

Which crew members are best “battle characters”, maybe not best in skills but in threads, etc…?
Best battle character I like the rugged I dont give a shit battle character…Also people that are funny….I like Iron Monkey, Vietnam, Crumbs, Remind, Kamel…They all know how to battle and they know how to give attitude when they have to and they can also be funy at times…

Are you in any crew?
Naw no crew havent been in a crew since 1996…Was in Dynamic Wizards if you seen the Japan vs. RSC battle at Bboy Summit the two americans that busted with the Japanese those guys were in my crew…Sandman was the one that did the baby windmills, and Robbie (Static) is the one that was doing the power moves with the shorts and mock neck…Also before then I was down with crews like Delivery Boys who I started out with…


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