Sunnuntaina 13. Helmikuuta 2005

Tell us something about your bboying history:
Whatsup, I got serious into Breakin in the year of 1992 (concentrating on spin and airmoves only). But I didnt learn what Breakin was really about until years later in 1997 when I went to RSC Anniversary in the Bronx, NYC. I got down with Rock Force Crew in 1995 and became the 3rd Generation president. Rock Force began in 1983 Union City, California my hometown.

Where events/jams have you been? Tell some highlights.
I’ve been to jams/events all over the USA and World. I like different jams for different reasons, the USA ones are always smaller then European or Japan ones, but to me the USA jams are raw. The most of the bigtime European and Japan jams are huge, and more show/spectacular like, thousands of thousands of spectators etc, its great if you are performing because to perform and be appreciated in front of huge crowds like that is a feeling that is so exciting.

What makes bboy a good bboy?
I’ll keep it simple, a good B-boy and a respectful B-boy is the one who takes time to become a student and learn about B-boying and Hip-Hop’s 30 year history and origins. A good B-boy is the one who will always say hes still a student even if hes 45 years old. Be a student and STAY a student to this dance and HipHop culture if you really want to become respected in the game! Please also note B-boys out there, learn about Uprock history as well, realize they are two different dances!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell your opinion about bboying nowadays?

In the USA media exposure is getting popular again. Because of competition events more people here, and around the world are into the idea of competing and forgeting about the cypher element to B-boying. Time and round constraints forces Breakers to do “blow up moves” to whoo the crowd rather then taking time to actually WHOA the crowd with a raw personal style. I cant lie, every breaker goes through that, the rush you get from hearing the crowd cheer makes you want to dance for them and do spectacular MOiVES, rather then really dancing for the rhythm of the music first, and yourself.

What kind of music you listen at training sessions / jams? freetime?
I listen to all type of uptempo rock, funk, soul songs, (anything that grooves me, shit it could be a country song with a raw break in it) I’ve been working on the idea I created in 98 to B-boy or Uprock to strictly turntable music, still workin out the kinks but hopefully I can get it mastered for a crew performance.

Shout outs?
Yeah, I wanna shout out to Anssi for taking the time to interview me. I had a great time meeting you all at Nordic Revolving in Sweden. Peace and thank you to everyone who supports Rock Force, Mighty 4, Out For Fame. REMEMBER, DESTROY THE BEATS BEFORE YOU DESTROY YOUR OPPONENT!!!!!!

Your greetings to finnish bboys?
Whatup to my Finland peeps, Taukocrew, Flo-Mo, Rhythm Section, I hope to get out there one day and chill with you all again.


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