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Masta Ace

Keskiviikkona 20. Heinäkuuta 2005

masta-ace-taukojalkaWhaddup?! First of all tell shortly your history, because a lot of people don’t know all the Juice Crew stuff and shit..
My history? Well I started in the music business, people heard me first time in 1988. I came out with Juice Crew, Marley Marl, I did a song called The Symphony, which came out in a compilation called Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 and that was the first time people ever heard me. From there I put out an album in 1990, Take A Look Around on Cold Chillin Records. Then I left Cold Chillin Records and signed with a label from California, Delicious Vinyl. I released 1993 Slaughtahouse and 1995 Sittin On Chrome on that label. I took about 5 years when I was doing producing, second-producing and then in 2001 put out my 4th album Disposable Arts. 2004 my 5th album Long Hot Summer, in stores now! Lue lisää

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