Masta Ace

Keskiviikkona 20. Heinäkuuta 2005

masta-ace-taukojalkaWhaddup?! First of all tell shortly your history, because a lot of people don’t know all the Juice Crew stuff and shit..
My history? Well I started in the music business, people heard me first time in 1988. I came out with Juice Crew, Marley Marl, I did a song called The Symphony, which came out in a compilation called Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 and that was the first time people ever heard me. From there I put out an album in 1990, Take A Look Around on Cold Chillin Records. Then I left Cold Chillin Records and signed with a label from California, Delicious Vinyl. I released 1993 Slaughtahouse and 1995 Sittin On Chrome on that label. I took about 5 years when I was doing producing, second-producing and then in 2001 put out my 4th album Disposable Arts. 2004 my 5th album Long Hot Summer, in stores now!

You’ve always lived in Brooklyn?
Yeeah, yeah.. Well actually I went to a college for a couple of years in a different state and when I was maybe 10 years old my mother and I moved to Boston for like two years, but we moved right back to Brooklyn.

Aarrite, what’s the difference between the parties & whole Brooklyn from the 80’s to 2005?
Back in the days it was a lot of chain snatching, fighting and robbin.. You know a lot of violence and everything. But that was the days of the big rope chains, you know what I’m saying, and the rings, the four-finger name rings and all of that.

So what’s your relationship with b-boying, you’re rappin about bboys and stuff?
Yea cause I came up, before I really was known as a rapper, I started off as a DJ. Then I broke off and started electric boogie. In high school we used to battle and stuff, around the Planet Rock, Soulsonic Force days. Then I started writing graffiti and rhyming, so I kind of got a chance to do it all and live it all. I always give big up to the bboys and graffiti writers, cause they always get left out of the mix sometimes. Since I danced and since I wrote graffiti, I always liked to acknowledge the other cats who was doing the other forms of hip hop. Cause those things count too you know what I’m saying!!! We all used to be in the same spots.

Thanks for the short interview, man!!!
No problem! Thanks..

Yhtäkkisen tilanteen ja pitkän kuvauspäivän jäljiltä tietysti akku hiipui Acen saapuessa yleisön sekaan nimmareita jakamaan. Parit sanat vielä vaihdettiin, inspiraatioita hänelle MCinä olivat mm. vanhat kunnon Rakimit ja KRS-Onet. Kysästiin vielä et näkeekö Ace vanhoja Juice Crew jäbiä jne enää. Mies vastasi, että silloin tällöin jossain kokoonnutaan, Biz Markie pitää bileitä aina välillä, siellä on jengiä mestoilla.. Deem!


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