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Brian “Footwork” Green

Lauantaina 21. Tammikuuta 2006

briangreenHow would you describe house dance? Where did it came from?
It is a dance that is a collective between Chicago and NY! What is known as House dance today is NY’s evolution. But the essence is a vibe and dance called Jacking, which is out of Chicago. NY, did Jacking different, and evolved it.

Who were your influences? What is is the philosophy of your own style?
My influences were Damien, who taught me a style that we know call SKATING!! And Rhasheem (Spanky), taught me how to use my body along with my feet!!

Putting their two influences together, added with many rhythms from African and Tap, makes the philosophy of my interpretation in the House culture. It is hard for a person to have a style. They can have their own interpretation of a style. But, as they say, House is House, Tap is Tap, Bboying is Bboying, and so on and so on!! Lue lisää

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