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Bboy Ynot, Rock Steady Crew - Interview

Maanantaina 20. Huhtikuuta 2009

Ynot - Rock Steady Crew

Ynot - Rock Steady Crew

Wassup bboy Ynot, could you introduce yourself to the readers of Taukojalka.com?
I’m b-boy YNOT. A student of hip-hop. Slave to rhythm. Full time imaginary.

Tell us about your history? Who and what inspired you over the years to become the dancer you’re nowadays?
I guess I can start first with my introduction to music. I started as a jazz artist, and was also into big band. I’ve played the clarinet, the tenor saxophone, and percussion. I then stumbled upon an amazing musical genius named James Brown. Funk and soul music opened me up to new ideas. I discovered hip-hop a bit before then but I never really got into it. Not until I went backward to the original music and then realizing where most hip-hop has sampled from. That is when I began to like it. More hip-hop was around me than anything, and it was through hip-hop that I first saw dance. But it was the funk and soul that gave me a feeling to want to dance.
It has always been the music that inspires me. Other dancers have inspired me in a lot of ways seeing how they interpret their feeling. Some of these dancers are the rock steady crew, elite force/moptops, and the electric boogaloos. I get inspiration from lots of people but those were the main ones in the development of my style. Also, the time I came up in plays a HUGE part in the way I dance. In the late 90’s people danced much differently. I try to maintain that energy that was being given off from the dancers of my generation. Lue lisää

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Brian “Footwork” Green

Lauantaina 21. Tammikuuta 2006

briangreenHow would you describe house dance? Where did it came from?
It is a dance that is a collective between Chicago and NY! What is known as House dance today is NY’s evolution. But the essence is a vibe and dance called Jacking, which is out of Chicago. NY, did Jacking different, and evolved it.

Who were your influences? What is is the philosophy of your own style?
My influences were Damien, who taught me a style that we know call SKATING!! And Rhasheem (Spanky), taught me how to use my body along with my feet!!

Putting their two influences together, added with many rhythms from African and Tap, makes the philosophy of my interpretation in the House culture. It is hard for a person to have a style. They can have their own interpretation of a style. But, as they say, House is House, Tap is Tap, Bboying is Bboying, and so on and so on!! Lue lisää

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Masta Ace

Keskiviikkona 20. Heinäkuuta 2005

masta-ace-taukojalkaWhaddup?! First of all tell shortly your history, because a lot of people don’t know all the Juice Crew stuff and shit..
My history? Well I started in the music business, people heard me first time in 1988. I came out with Juice Crew, Marley Marl, I did a song called The Symphony, which came out in a compilation called Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 and that was the first time people ever heard me. From there I put out an album in 1990, Take A Look Around on Cold Chillin Records. Then I left Cold Chillin Records and signed with a label from California, Delicious Vinyl. I released 1993 Slaughtahouse and 1995 Sittin On Chrome on that label. I took about 5 years when I was doing producing, second-producing and then in 2001 put out my 4th album Disposable Arts. 2004 my 5th album Long Hot Summer, in stores now! Lue lisää

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Sunnuntaina 13. Helmikuuta 2005

Could you tell little about your history in this culture (how and when you found hiphop, etc.)?
Back in 1983 when bboying first hit big i America kids were doing it allover…Every neighborhood every kid in every city was doing it or trying to do it…If you couldnt bboy you learned to pop…So back then I first encountered it and continued for about 3 years til then I guess people got burnt out with it so I quit…I still had love for it and would do it whenever I had a chance then in 1992 I started to see people bust again and I was like YES!!! so me and a few friends started back…So I discovered hip hop through bboying….

How did you get your name CROS1?
I started writing in 1989 and I was going through names like crazy and one day I wrote a bunch of names and CROS sounded kinda catchy and I could write it real dope…So at first my friend dug the name so he took it but he was one of those guys that could never find a name so he wrote it for a week or so and moved on to another name…So I took the name over and it stuck ever since…. Lue lisää

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Sunnuntaina 13. Helmikuuta 2005

Tell us something about your bboying history:
Whatsup, I got serious into Breakin in the year of 1992 (concentrating on spin and airmoves only). But I didnt learn what Breakin was really about until years later in 1997 when I went to RSC Anniversary in the Bronx, NYC. I got down with Rock Force Crew in 1995 and became the 3rd Generation president. Rock Force began in 1983 Union City, California my hometown.

Where events/jams have you been? Tell some highlights.
I’ve been to jams/events all over the USA and World. I like different jams for different reasons, the USA ones are always smaller then European or Japan ones, but to me the USA jams are raw. The most of the bigtime European and Japan jams are huge, and more show/spectacular like, thousands of thousands of spectators etc, its great if you are performing because to perform and be appreciated in front of huge crowds like that is a feeling that is so exciting. Lue lisää

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Link, Moptops Crew

Tiistaina 21. Joulukuuta 2004

Saimme haastateltavaksi legendaarisen Nykiäijän, Linkin Moptops crewistä. Lilflex Sara järkkäsi Linkin pitämään workshoppeja Helsinkiin muutamaksi päiväksi (nuff respect). Link on ns. newstyle tyylisuunnan edelläkävijä ja feimi kuumottavista battle ja freestyle skillseistään. Esiintynyt myös muiden lajien konkareiden kuten Ken Swiftin ja Skeeter Rabbitin kanssa. Jos ette tunnista miestä, suosittelen lämpimästi ”Wreckin shop, live in Brooklyn” –pätkän tsekkaamista. ”Snadisti” erilaista settiä kuin perinteinen tanssikoulujen laimennettu versio hiphop -tanssista.
Wreckin shop with Link, Moptops crew (NY) 24.3.2004 in Finland Helsinki

There are many terms that Hip Hop dance can be called with, like new style, new school, freestyle, New York style freestyle etc. What is the correct term in your opinion?
There are many terms but there’s only one dance style. That is Hip Hop. It was all freestyle, freestyle is just a term how you just used to let go, became free. Cause back then you got jazz and modern, everything had a name. We started freestyling, we did dance movements of feeling. There was no name for that. I hear all these terms but we don’t consider ourselves as new school or old school. We did boogaloo and breakin too. We considered us as dancers, nothing more.
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