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Bboy Ynot, Rock Steady Crew - Interview

Maanantaina 20. Huhtikuuta 2009

Ynot - Rock Steady Crew

Ynot - Rock Steady Crew

Wassup bboy Ynot, could you introduce yourself to the readers of Taukojalka.com?
I’m b-boy YNOT. A student of hip-hop. Slave to rhythm. Full time imaginary.

Tell us about your history? Who and what inspired you over the years to become the dancer you’re nowadays?
I guess I can start first with my introduction to music. I started as a jazz artist, and was also into big band. I’ve played the clarinet, the tenor saxophone, and percussion. I then stumbled upon an amazing musical genius named James Brown. Funk and soul music opened me up to new ideas. I discovered hip-hop a bit before then but I never really got into it. Not until I went backward to the original music and then realizing where most hip-hop has sampled from. That is when I began to like it. More hip-hop was around me than anything, and it was through hip-hop that I first saw dance. But it was the funk and soul that gave me a feeling to want to dance.
It has always been the music that inspires me. Other dancers have inspired me in a lot of ways seeing how they interpret their feeling. Some of these dancers are the rock steady crew, elite force/moptops, and the electric boogaloos. I get inspiration from lots of people but those were the main ones in the development of my style. Also, the time I came up in plays a HUGE part in the way I dance. In the late 90’s people danced much differently. I try to maintain that energy that was being given off from the dancers of my generation. Lue lisää

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