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Taukojalka, est. 2001, is a web-community focused on dance and youth culture. The humble purpose of the site is to offer up-to-date content to all interested parties - whether you are a professional bboy, a person enjoying dance and culture, or anything in between. Due to the limited resources, only part of the site is in English, but we sincerely welcome you to our world.

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  1. Bboy Focus (Flow Mo)

  2. Focus
    June 27th, 2012

    Earlier I promised to share and open our training methods here a little bit more. Besides everything else, Flow Mo in about hard training and working hard for your goals. B-Boy Hurricane is something we’ve been working with weekly for some time now. The hurricane training concept is developed by Martin Rooney, creator of Training For Warrios and THE coach for many top fighters and athletes in the world. Hurricane is pretty much the ultimate workout combining sprints and resistance training to develope strenght and stamina. Our good friend Petri Rasanen who’s been coaching us for about a year now took the concept and added some b-boy techniques to it to suit us even better. Here’s how it looks.

    If you never tried it before, read the instructions properly before you start. Bodyweight training works perfectly fine too, and for start the cathegory 1 hurricane includes only sprints. That’s to get your body used this style of training first before adding too much stress at first.

    Click the link to view the video:


    Learn more about hurricane training here:


  3. Bboy Hatsolo (Flow Mo)

  4. Hatsolo
    September 15th, 2010

    In our New studio Saiffa me and Focus are training
    a group of very talented and motivated bboys. “What is Flavor?” was one of the topics we have been discussing after the sessions.

    Anyway, here`s a clip of man who always finds the right words to describe Hip Hop.
    Pay attention to all the little things like the way he speaks, the accents on the words and the expressions.
    What is Flavor by Poe 1


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