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B-Boy Hurricane training

June 27th, 2012

Earlier I promised to share and open our training methods here a little bit more. Besides everything else, Flow Mo in about hard training and working hard for your goals. B-Boy Hurricane is something we’ve been working with weekly for some time now. The hurricane training concept is developed by Martin Rooney, creator of Training For Warrios and THE coach for many top fighters and athletes in the world. Hurricane is pretty much the ultimate workout combining sprints and resistance training to develope strenght and stamina. Our good friend Petri Rasanen who’s been coaching us for about a year now took the concept and added some b-boy techniques to it to suit us even better. Here’s how it looks.

If you never tried it before, read the instructions properly before you start. Bodyweight training works perfectly fine too, and for start the cathegory 1 hurricane includes only sprints. That’s to get your body used this style of training first before adding too much stress at first.

Click the link to view the video:


Learn more about hurricane training here:


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Flow Mo 10 Years T-Shirts

June 10th, 2012

Flow Mo Crew 10 Year Anniversary Limited edition T-Shirts are available now. Check out the designs, the pretty amazing. Artwork done by Wartecs, Serval and Jani Tolin:


- Sizes S-XXL
- Price 20 €.
- T-shirt design by Wartecs / Flow Mo
- Illustration by Serval / 7 Dollars
- “Flow Mo Crew” Logotype design by Jani Tolin


“FM Avengers”.
- Sizes S-XXL
- Price 20 €.
- T-shirt design by Wartecs / Flow Mo
- “Flow Mo Crew” Logotype design by Jani Tolin

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Flow Mo Sounds June-July

May 27th, 2012

Flow Mo Sounds club will take over Helsinki nightlife for this June and July. More info below:



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Saiffa Two Years Jam

May 27th, 2012

Our studio Saiffa is turning two years today. Time goes so fast. We’re celebrating today with a two years cypher jam with a few performances, great music and great people. Here’s the link and the flyer check it out:



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Flow Mo Shanghai Diaries

May 26th, 2012

Here’s a video diary of our trip to Shanghai, including illegal sneaker shops, night sessions outside with international bboys, crate digging and of course some battles. Enjoy!

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Egypt Photos

May 21st, 2012


Craziest traffic I’ve seen in my life in Alexandria.


Rooftop view from the jam.




Alexandria Street Cypher




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Flow Mo Sounds wins Young Guns

May 17th, 2012

Me and AT won the Young Guns dj-competition in Helsinki! The winner gets to continue their club night for the whole summer, that means Flow Mo Sounds will go down in Helsinki every second Wednesday starting 6th June! Thank you everybody who already supported us, last party was amazing with soul train, party rocker award and all that. This will be a good summer.


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No Holdin Back - Flow Mo 10 Year Anniversary

May 16th, 2012

Flow Mo 10 Year Anniversary is coming closer! At the main event, a new bboy/bgirl concept will be launched called “No Holdin’ Back”. Check out all the details on the website at:



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Flow Mo Sounds tomorrow

May 8th, 2012

Flow Mo Sounds club will go down tomorrow! Who’s gonna take the Party Rocker Award?



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Additional training for Bboys and Bgirls

May 2nd, 2012

Here’s a clip of my trainer and good friend Kaide, Taya of Flow Mo and me. Some of the training we do on top of our dancing. Great for stamina, explosiveness, confidence and strenght. Hope you like it:

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