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Concrete Battle and Circle Princz Balkan

June 24th, 2009

Two ill jams behind!

First of all me and A.T. rocked the First Official European Concrete Battle in beautiful Lausanne a week ago. Raw jam on concrete with a live drummer playing on trash cans, beer bottles and bricks with people like Seven Dollars, Wary the Warrior, b-man Crazy etc in the battles, judged by Freeze, Amjad and ever funky bboy Pervez from the UK. I won the tittle against a guy from Deep Trip in the final, footage will be out soon I’m sure. All I can say is bboy Amjad throws the best jams in Europe! There I said it. We’re lucky to have him coming over for Circle Princz Finland in August. Also check out for photos of the event, this guy is a serious pro!
Last weekend our tour continued in Poreč Croatia with Circle Princz Balkan. It was supposed to be an outside jam but because of the rain it was moved to a tiny club last minute. Worked out even better that way, heated circles with people like Ness, Atomic, Recognize Crew and dj Timber on the decks. (more…)

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UK Regional Conflict

June 9th, 2009

“Chico Fernandez sleepin’ on his gun
dreams of Santa Anna fightin’ in the Sun
Drums so loud from all sides
makes it hard to dream
a’blue is fallin’ hard and fast
makes it all seem real”

Back from the UK, judged a battle called Regional Conflict which is a qualification for the UK BBoy Championship. Cool event in a dope club, Soul Maverics won it against La Familia in the finals. Rocked some circles like we always do. (more…)

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

June 1st, 2009

Last days been crazy busy working on a new theatre piece. Interesting project with professionals on different fields. You’ll hear more about this by the end of the summer.

I’m basically a pretty lazy reader but every now and then a bboy has to step up and cop a book or two! This weeks choice is Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop - A History of the Hip-Hop Generation.

Now that’s one wide task to cover. I gave a try for the English version a couple of months back but have to admit I gave up after few pages, the text was just too heavy for a simple minded guy like me. Luckily the Finnish translation of the book was published in the beginning of the year.

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