Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Last days been crazy busy working on a new theatre piece. Interesting project with professionals on different fields. You’ll hear more about this by the end of the summer.

I’m basically a pretty lazy reader but every now and then a bboy has to step up and cop a book or two! This weeks choice is Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop - A History of the Hip-Hop Generation.

Now that’s one wide task to cover. I gave a try for the English version a couple of months back but have to admit I gave up after few pages, the text was just too heavy for a simple minded guy like me. Luckily the Finnish translation of the book was published in the beginning of the year.

CSWS definitely gives you a thorough idea of all the aspects of hip hop and loads of knowledge to understand ideas and concepts behind songs, groups and movements. I also like how the book tells about politics and general history that led to situation where the birth of hip hop was inevitable. The minus of this book is the how hard it is to fall asleep after the chills of reading stories of how MC Shan wasn’t feeling Rakim’s flow when he first came to the studio because it was too mellow for his taste… Or how the second generation bboys were feeling exploited after the breaking rush of the early eighties started fading off and rap got the attention of the bigger audience. A definite must have for any bboy, writer, dj, mc and a collector!


Helsingin Sanomat-newspaper’s review of the book:ä+biittejä+ja+köyhyyttä/HS20081122SI1KU029l8

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