UK Regional Conflict

“Chico Fernandez sleepin’ on his gun
dreams of Santa Anna fightin’ in the Sun
Drums so loud from all sides
makes it hard to dream
a’blue is fallin’ hard and fast
makes it all seem real”

Back from the UK, judged a battle called Regional Conflict which is a qualification for the UK BBoy Championship. Cool event in a dope club, Soul Maverics won it against La Familia in the finals. Rocked some circles like we always do.
UK’s often been about tasting weird foods. In London I got my first tastes of currys years back and fell in love. Last time tried some chicken hearts in a Brazilian restaurant, this time’s delicacy was calamari in a thai spot. Good times with One Red Pixel Film company.


What was cool about this trip was that I got to meet Babe Ruth’s original singer, Janita Haan. Yes, the one who sung the original bboy anthem “The Mexican” back in 1972. They’ve got a new album out now called “Que Pasa” which she said they made with bboys and bgirls kept in mind. Now how cool is that… I always wondered if James Brown knew his influence on bboys and -girls. Babe Ruth knows what’s up!
Next weekend Concrete Battle in Switzerland!

Janita, Mouse, Blanka, dj Renegade and F


Also check out the judges showcase for the event

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