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dj Kool Herc schooling people

dj Kool Herc schooling people

World Bboy Classics Venue

World Bboy Classics Venue

Been too busy to drop lines lately, I’ll make it up after things get calmer.

Response, our new theatre piece is finished. Finally. It was a three month’s process, a learning process first of all for everybody in the crew. The premier is today, everybody’s confident about the result.

Two weeks back rocked two events in Holland on one weekend, Street Science and World Bboy Classics. Street Science was more of a get together kinds of festival or a hip hop conference with workshops, theatre shows, graffiti expo, photo gallery, panel discussions, exhibition battles and so on. The guest list was just incredible with people like dj Kool Herc, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, and newer generation dancers like Crazy Smooth (CAN), Movie 1 and Rudy Goblin. Kool Herc’s lecture about hip hop history was amazing! I liked how he talked about the history of giving “street names”. According to him back in the days street names was also a way to keep people out of trouble, if you did something not so legal and the cops would come and ask around by your government name, nobody knew who they were talking about because people only knew you by your street name. Kool Herc’s got your back!

Also I got myself a signed copy of Subway Art 25th anniversary edition, a huge book too big to fit any of my book shelfs. Hip hop collector’s wet dream.

I threw a workshop on friday and was part of the exhibition battles on sunday. Interesting concept, Generations Battle. Three crews, Past, Present and Future. Past representing the old school, mostly people from Netherlands from the 80’s. Present with people of my generation, me, Lamine, Rudy Goblin, Katsu, Movie, a lot of good dancers. Future representing the up and coming generation of Holland. The Holland kids are getting dangerous, young but mad talented kids…

Sunday I judged World Bboy Classics event, another interesting concept. 16 invited guests, 2 on 2 battles. One hour before the battles the invited bboys get their names pulled off a hat and they formed the couples for the great 8 like this. Besides this open qualifications for the challengers, there was around 80 couples in the eliminations. That’s what I call a long day. The first price of 3000 euros went to Mennoh and Differ. Personally the best moment of the jam was once again the side circles with Flaco, Rabbani, Wary the Warrior, Crazy Smooth and such. Nothing beats that feeling of getting loose.

Ok off to relax and get ready for tonight’s show, wish me luck!

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