What makes Circle Kingz?

This is a dedication to the dopest bboy jam in Europe. Circle Kingz.

When we started coming up and travel Europe a little in early 2000’s, European events were more, well, events. People came from all over only for the competition, stretched on the side, did their couple of solos and went home happy. Superstars of that time were more concerned about winning the most 1990’s contest than vibing. We were looked at weird and dissed on hard when we were making circles and the most terrible, doing footwork with out a single blowup.

The difference between a jam and an event is huge. When an average person goes home from an event, all he or she remembers is whoooa that one dancer was amazing, he did this and that. When he goes home from a jam, what he remembers is the energy of the place, people gathered to have good time.

Circle Kingz is the jam that chanced Europe. Amjad, the organizer, felt the same we did. The scene was weird and needed a chance. So he threw a JAM with a very simple concept, the best djs and best bboys, the best venue and that’s it. Rest is European bboy history.

Here you are 2009, with over a hundred teams from all over the world coming to Lausanne just to qualify by rocking circles. You got people with not that many years of dancing looking for inspiration and living legends like Maurizio entering battles for the first time after 18 years, just for the fun of it. I have to admit after not going there last year and hearing rumors of the jam growing too big, I had a few doubts for this year but Lausanne proved them wrong.  CK is still the real deal, if you never went start saving your money for next year.

Next weekend Over The Top 4 in Poland, exhibition battle against Flearock SKMZ. If you’re free saturday night, check the live broadcast of the battle at www.overthetoppoland.com


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