Roxrite vs Focus

I’m sitting in an airplane back to Helsinki, back from the last trip of the year. It’s been a great year, had lots of work, trained really good, started school again and made lots of new friends. The trip back home has been the longest one in my life though. This is my fourth day traveling and finally reaching Helsinki in a few hours. The airports are in chaos on the east coast and UK, it’s weird how for us a snow blizzard is perfectly normal but can cause so much trouble for people who’re not used to it.

Travel home: Waking up 4.40 am, flight from Aruba to Miami. Renting a car in Miami, cruising around Miami Beach and staying a night in hotel. Waking up 7.15, driving to Orlando for 5 hours. Flight to Chicago, finding out my flight to London is delayed 12 hours, checking in to Sheraton hotel, gym, chicken wings and a heineken and sleep over night. Waking up 5 am, catching a flight to London. Missing a connection flight, checking in to hotel, fell asleep at 4 am. Waking up at 7 am, finding out my ticket’s been cancelled to Helsinki, catching the next flight home. Wow.

Ok back to Orlando, Fifth Outbreak was a good experience overall. The jam was thrown in a club which made the atmosphere nice and warm. My battle against Roxrite was the last thing of the weekend before the finals, so really enjoying the weekend, relaxing and chilling was kind of hard. 12 rounds is no joke so it took a lot of concentrating to get the confidence and feel: I can do this. Still caught some nice circles on day one with people like Rock Steady, Havikoro, Moy, Unique Styles etc. A.T. rocked the B-girl battles hard but lost to a Japanese girl with some flares and tricks.

Day 2. Long day with 2 on 2’s with tons of people entering. Good line up though. Most of the day I was relaxing and getting ready for the evening. I started feeling pretty confident, realized I’d done everything I could to be in good shape. Trained hard, went running, swam, went to the gym, trained fighting a bit, fixed my diet, even cut down on drinking heavily during the last 6 months. I was sick for a month during this period which cut down training but over all felt healthy and good. Also rested almost the whole week before the event. I had my girl with me and a holiday in Caribbean waiting the next day. “There’s nothing more deadly than a happy fighter”, clever words by Mike Tyson.

The battle was announced, the organizer, Mex, did it boxing style introducing me first and I walked in with N.Y. State of Mind banging on the backround. Mex wanted to introduce out “knockout record”, we both got 15 years in the game but my 39 won battles did not look too special against Roxrite’s 65, made me an undertaker in this battle and more hungry. I wonder if there’s anyone in this planet who’s won more b-boy battles than 65? If so there can’t be too many. Rox was announced and walked in with a killer squad, I was waiting on the other corner with A.T. and Ness having my back.

12 rounds, we both lasted good. Mex gave us a 2 minute break after 6 rounds, then back in action. Rox came crazy hard with confidence. original text and tons of freezes and variety, I wanted to keep it complete, dance hard and bring my ideas to the table. I was surprised that the audience was also getting hype about small details this time, the energy was on point, supporting both of us. While Roxrite had tons of fans in the audience, this was my first time in Florida so I got a chance to surprise people who hadn’t seen me before that much. Skeme Richards was living up to his name on the decks, Mr Fantastic. After the battle was over, I was just happy we both made it through.

Also was good to see a lot of OG’s come through, you had Trac-2, Dj Magic (who spun Dynamic Rockers vs Rock Steady in Style Wars), some of The Bronx Boys (NY crew dated back to no later than 1975) and original New York City Breakers like Powerful Pexter and Speedy in the building.

The next day we hit Aruba to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, celebrate the hard working year of 2009. That meant a whole lot of beaches, good food and drinks, scupadiving on a ship wreck, dancing salsa, the list goes on. Now the batteries are charged for another heavy year of adventures. I’m ready, bring it on!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! For my friends thanks for being there for me, good luck all for 2010!

The intro for the battle (full footage available when the dvd comes out):

Roxrite vs Focus intro on Vimeo by Roxrite

Bugaloe bar on Palm Beach Aruba:


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