Top 10 break mixtapes all time

Like my friends know I’m a mixtape fiend. A stack on mix cd’s is essential for a decent practice session. A lot of the mixtapes I get I listen to once and they end up getting dusty while there’s some I still get back after almost 10 years.

Here’s a list of mixtapes that have influenced my dancing the most during the years, in no special order.

- Dj Leacy, Moves Per Minute: Allmusic Lovers

Got this in 2002 from UK, Leacy gave me two of his mixes for the price of one cause he was feeling our style. “You know who really took that battle”, classic words by a classic dj. All his mixtapes are classics but Allmusic Lovers especially gave me an idea what it really is to be a break dj, how a great mix is supposed to sound. Rhythmic and melodic breaks, each and every single one of them became classics after Leacy dropped them. Leacy raised the bar for break djs with skills, crazy selection, timing and originality RIP

- Dj Slynkee Rock Steady Crew: Break on the break vol 2

Got this from Bboy Summit X 2004. One hype mix that never lets a heated session down. Not a traditional mix and a little bit different from the others on this list with remixes, effects and all, but still one of the if not almost the most played mixtape of all times. Heard that Slynkee moved on to the club scene after this, haven’t seen him in jams ever since.

- Dj Skeme Richards Rock Steady Crew: Bboy Essentials vol 2

All of the Skeme’s mixes are master pieces, if I’d had to say one it would be Bboy Essentials volume 2. Banger after banger on this one, from the beginning’s latin funk all the way till the Moment of Silence for James Brown at the end. Same thing as with Leacy, Skeme is making the world follow his footprints. After this mix also a lot of these tunes have been played around the world in jams. Damn I’ve even heard a whole Skeme Richards mixtape beeing played in a jam, I guess that says it all. What’s special about Skeme is that besides being an extremely skilled and well rounded dj he’s a character as well, never hesitated to hop on the mic if the party needs to be hyped up. The world waits for Bboy Essentials vol 3!!!

- Dj Tibbz and Rome One: All mixes

There hasn’t been too many Finnish dj’s with break mixes. Early 2000’s even less, dj’s Mista Tibbz and Rome One (Flow Mo) had a monopoly status. That time also other mixes were pretty hard to get so a lot of years Tibbz and Rome were defining how we danced. My favorite is drums and more drums, still a great mix, even did a battle to in the UK once. Nokia Urban Music Festival with Ghost Crew, big stage with bboy battles and concerts. For the organizer’s surprise, the semifinals had no room on the main stage program and the battles had to be done backstage with a boombox. Somebody asked if anybody had a mix and Tibbz’s and Rome’s mix was there when you needed one. The boombox’s sound level wasn’t really on point so during the battle you could hear the other crew talking shit hahaha.

- Dj Timber Bad Taste Crew MZK: Adventures in Rhythm

The newest mix on the list. A well structured mix combining classics and unheard of breaks. Like Timber said, every break has been doubled four times to give structure on the mix. Timber is a dancer himself and you can tell it from the way he plays.

- Dj Woo-D, Horse Power Crew: Payback mixtape

The mix that for me put Woo-D on the International Break DJ map, made for the Finnish jam “Payback”. A well mixed, melodic and funky oh so funky mixtape.

- Dj Billy Brown: Sky’s the Limit

The cover art of this mix is straight terrible. Black background with a guy doing airflares with knee and elbowbads. Don’t let the cover fool you, one of the rare mixes that make you go “hey haven’t heard this one for a looong time”, track after track. A heated mix, one of my favorites to practice to.

- Dj Skeme and Rome One: Flow Mo 5 year anniversary tape: LIfetime of Soul

Another classic by two masters, a collabo limited edition mix. Skeme going all out on the mic and the turntables, Rome holding it down with his section and selection.

- Kenny Dope: Rollerboogie 80’s

Little something different, a disco mix that you won’t really practice to but more of a going home after practice on a good mood or getting ready for a party kind of a mixtape. If you were feeling the disco funk on Swiftrock’s and Storm’s videos in the 90’s, you find them all in here. Classic!

Big up also to break djs like Renegade, Element, Mercy-1, LeanRock, Cut Nice, Bles One, Cosmic, Scream, Aidan Leacy, Mr. Tee etc

The spot number ten is still open, 2010 dj’s step your game up! While we’re waiting, Nordic Moves Jam this weekend in Helsinki!

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