Got inspired to post this after Alien Ness’ topic “give ‘em a shout out”. Hip Hop’s always been about giving credit when credit is due, you gotta give respect to get respect! The topic is about giving props to your teachers, pointing out who helped you on your way a b-boy of -girl. Also Hatsolo’s blog post got me on the mood for some classic Gangstarr ;)

I always looked up to people who not only can break good but are able to make somebody else understand and develop, teaching is a skill that comes from experience. Also a dope bboy is not always a dope teacher hhaha. Notice that all of these, except for Zulu Gremlin, have been to Finland so once again, support your local organizer, take your workshops and pay your entrance to your local jam!

My list is long and grows every week so i’ll only name the ones who made the biggest impact:

Mikko Ahlgren, hhaa my first mentor, a bboy from the 1980’s Finnish scene, taught me everything he knew when I started. Also told me ” a teacher’s best accomplishment is to train somebody to be better than him”

All of Flow Mo members, some dissed me hard on the early days so I went back to the lab, worked on my weaknesses and came back stronger. Everybody who’s part of Flow Mo made a big impact on my style, we always exchange a lot, still learning today from everybody.

Quake BeefNoodles crew Sweden. A well rounded underground bboy from Sweden, took me under his wing for a while and gave me a lot of my foundation. Later he started with Kung Fu and ended up training in a Shaolin Temple in China last year.

Ata When we used to train together more, we always exchanged everything we had. A lot of talent, taught me a lot.

Freeze Big influence for the Scandinavian scene, he was over in Helsinki teaching these days, ended up traveling a lot with him and listening to what has to say about breaking and life in general.


Poe One I’ve been lucky to have him sharing many times, learnt so much about foundation, terminology and all round approach. Great teacher.

Storm Introduced us with the pretzel / knee sweep style among many other styles of footwork which
ended up shaping my footwork in many ways.

Zulu Gremlin Here’s a definition of a good teacher, so informative it makes no sense. All round structure of the dance, all round flava.

MrWiggles Wigz came to Finland a few times to teach, inspirational speaker with so much knowledge. Learned a lot about the history from social party dances to what breaking is today.

Ken Swift Got a chance for his class at Beat Riders camp, and after went to his spot in Brooklyn. Learned a lot from him all the way from funk to making my footwork complete and powerful.

Alien Ness Taught me so much in all ways, face to face, online and on the book as well about battling, foundation, longevity, history, the list goes on. Always sharing like a great teacher should.

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