Ok came to back school on for Cultural Management studies. The summer is about to become a memory, it’s getting cold outside. Time to reminisce on what happened this summer.

Busiest summer of my life this far. For those who don’t know, we started a company with Hatsolo, Wartecs and Mercy. Saiffa, the center for our culture of dance, jams and all things cool. It’s started rolling good, this far regular classes are up and running with all different styles. After three months, we’ve had workshops by four US teachers, three Koreans and two French, produced five events, open practices and all that. My classes are tuesdays and thursdays and you’ll find me at the reception on wednesdays. Instead of working for other people, owning a studio was always a big dream. We have high hopes for the future and we’re finally able to work for the culture free of obligations.

The coolest class I’ve ever had was the first Break Hardcore class with Hatsolo, aimed for people willing to go deeper and train super hard Rocky Balboa style. Straight up battle class, me and hatsolo against everybody. So I guess hard work really pays off, those 15 hours days building up the place were not done in vain.

After the start of our company, seems like work as a professional dancer seems to find us a bit more easy. More shows than before, interviews and such. Seems like people take you a lot more serious after you have a company behind you. Also we’ve done a lot of free performances for promotion. Check out the Finnish So You Think You Can Dance-trailerĀ here.

Busy autumn ahead being a full time bboy, full time entrepreneur, full time student and a good boy friend.


Written by focus, at 14.18


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