Hard Training Finland Style

A great week of training behind.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me how do I train and what’s the best way. All I can say is for each his own! Everybody enjoys different things and get results in different ways. Keep your mind open for other styles and training methods, they can support your dancing in many ways. Keep training as a lifestyle and love it from the bottom of your heart.

I started breaking over 15 years ago. Trained day after day with only b-boying and that’s how I got progress then. After more years of dancing and age, I realized my body’s won’t be able to take the stress of breaking for too long if that’s all I do. So around two years ago I chanced my way of training a lot, added in some sports and conditioning and made it way more versatile.

So here’s some secrets, an example of last week’s training:

Monday: Gym, Bboy session / practice

Tuesday: Martial Arts Class, two bboying workshops

Wednesday: Swimming, bboy session / practice

Thursday: Two bboying workshops, bboy session / practice

Friday: Gym, bboy session / practice

Saturday: Martial Arts Training, pilates

Sunday: Rest

So to me a perfect day of training starts with conditioning, and after work/studies it’s time to get down again. I try to get my stamina and strength from sports, that’s how I can stay creative when I dance. The better shape my body is in, the easier my dancing is with more possibilities and it also prevents me from getting injuries. Never underestimate the value of a proper diet and enough sleep!


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