Hobbies and alternative training

To survive a hectic life a man needs some hobbies to relax and get one’s head straight. Here a lil something I spend my extra time with, still learning:

Urban Martial Arts. A good friend of mine Kaide aka Norsu has been teaching me for almost two years with his experience of self defence. Later accompanied with another friend, Tuomas Kauhanen, an emcee from this Finnish group Näkökulma. Mixing martial arts, street techniques, super hard training and hardcore hip hop music, the result looks something like this:

Urban Martial Arts

Photography. As traveling dancers we see so many incredible things we never imagined as kids groving up. Most of the time forget them already on the way home. Documenting this culture is so important work, who would do it if not us? So my respect goes out to Martha Cooper, Lonestar, Chanyc, Maupzrock, Stev Bonhage, Mason Rose and every photographer and filmer involved in this scene doing their thing.

This summer finally I bought myself a Canon 500 D-camera. I’m still in the very basics and I need to invest in some better lenses but I feel this could be a start of something.

Cirlce Prinz Finland Venue shot:

Mad Mugsy shot:

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