Back from Chess Mate Austria

Back from Vienna with the crew, from a new battle called Red Bull Chess Mate with a hardcore system. Basically it is a crew battle in which every round is judged right after its passed. If you lose your round you have to leave the stage!

There was some extra rules and the whole concept seemed kind of complicated before the event but eventually it was really refreshing and a dope way for a contest. First of all everybody got more hype and extra energy whether they win or lose their rounds. That goes for the people battling and the audience as well. Secondly first time in crew battles you can follow what the judges really vote for instead of showing a tie after a 15 minute crew battle. Hope to see this concept more in the future with more crews entering.

Next weekend first time to Slovakia for Dance Factor Jam. peace

Photo by Lix Rox

Written by focus, at 20.44


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