Circle Prinz Taiwan

First of all big big shout out for Bboy Intact for taking the tittle at the first IBE Focus Footwork Battle. The battle was intense with over 80 competitors from all around the world. 2nd place for Flow Mo’s Bgirl A.T, big up!

Almost straight from IBE was time to visit Taiwan for the first time. I ended up having a 4 city workshop tour around the country and judge Circle Prinz Taiwan in Taipei. All I got to say is it’s amazing how big the scene is in Taiwan. Also the studios that every crew have in their cities are off the hook and super professional, I’m very inspired. They’ve had a lot of people over to teach now, in a few years Taiwan will definitely be the next Asian country to make big noise internationally!  Big respect for Zoe and the rest of the CP staff for the great hospitality, I miss Taiwan already!

The final was Floor Gangs (Profo and Naughty-1) against Top Coalition Crew. When the final was announced, 80 percent of the whole crowd took TC Crew’s side for local support holding up the TC hand signs. That’s what I call crew love and crew support, loving it!

Here’s a few shots from the trip under the link. Next up UK Champs in a few days.

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