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Focus 2010 Resumé for Bboyspot’s BBoy of the Year contest

November 26th, 2010

When the top 8 contestants for Bboyspot’s Bboy of the Year contest were selected, the onganization told the nominees to promote and campaign on web for more votes. So here’s my resumé from the year 2010. Keep in mind the criteria when voting. Big thank you for all the votes, I really appreciate the support and effort. The voting is open until 30th of November. Vote here.



Did they put their skill on the line for the 2010 calendar year? How many battles were competed and won. Cypher battles count as much as competition battles.


Did they teach workshops, judge events or organize events for bboys to attend? Online involvement through forums and blogs. The “Each One Teach One” mentality is a very important aspect in growth of our culture.


Are they professional? Are they known to be a pleasure to work with? What kind of name do they have among promoters and fellow Bboys?

Focus Flow Mo Crew Resumé 2010

During 2010 Focus entered some contests but he concentrated more on rocking circles, battling in circles, teaching workshops both national and international, throwing events and judged a lot of battles. The biggest accomplishment was a dream from many years, opening a street dance center, Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School, in Helsinki May 2010 with three other Flow Mo members. Saiffa provides high quality weekly classes, international workshops by stars of the game and jam production for dancers by dancers. Focus also teaches weekly classes at Saiffa, kids and adults on all levels.

2010 Focus won with Flow Mo the sixth Finnish Crew Championship tittle. A few of his competition battles ended up classics, like Flow Mo vs Rivers in Hip H’opsession and Flow Mo vs Skill Methodz. Circle Kingz 2010 Focus reached the finals with Hatsolo for the fifth time. In circles Focus battled in most of the jams he went to during the year. Good example about this is Flow Mo vs Ghost Crew battle in August.

2010 Focus was the first bboy (correct me if I’m wrong) in history to be named a battle after, when IBE renamed their Footwork Battle IBE Focus Footwork battle. That was to show honor him winning the IBE Footwork tittle three times (twice in Holland and once in UK Champs).

2010 Focus judged international major battles including UK World Bboy Championships Crew Battle Finals, IBE Battles in Holland, and altogether fifteen battles worldwide in countries such as Taiwan, Israel Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Estonia etc.

2010 Focus taught tons workshops including a 5 city tour around Taiwan, Brazil, Israel, France, Spain, a week’s long camp in Sweden, sold out IBE footwork workshop etc.

2010 Focus organized or was part of organizing eight events in Finland including Circle Prinz Finland and “The Go Off” Finland. Focus performed in theaters in Finland, Sweden and Netherlands with Flow Mo’s theater piece “Response”. Focus performed a bunch of charity shows for free to make bboying more known in Finland. He kept his blog updated consistantly and was part of the original team for website that gathers blogs from the most active bboys in the game. He keeps studying Arts Management in University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki full time to make his event production and management more professional. On top of this Focus keeps training super hard, representing his crew and rocking circles where ever he goes to.

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Bboy of the Year

November 25th, 2010

Made it to the top 8 of the Bboy of the Year candidates at Thank you for voting everybody who did! Nice to see hard work giving results. The contest is open again so keep the votes coming!

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Once you have no ego you’re free

November 25th, 2010

“Once you have no ego you’re free”.

A quote that was taught to me by Moysex, a good friend of mine from Spain, who learnt it from King Uprock. Gave it a lot of thought ever since, makes perfect sense and is a great guideline for everyday life. -F

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November 22nd, 2010

Let’s see how the dictionary defines the word FUNK:

-A genre of popular music

-Mental depression

-A state of fear or panic

-Foul or unpleasant smell

Often I’ve heard that the original meaning of the word “Funk” is the last of these four. Smell of sweat!

It’s funny how when a dancer hears a dj drop a funky song with a perfect timing, his/her face turns all weird like it smelled totally disgusting. Funk is something primitive, it’s not something we people made up. It was there from day one, funk is in our DNA. There’s no other way to explain the reaction. Music has made people go wild ever since day one. The time of technology is no different.

Funky photo by Stev Bonhage

Funky photo by Stev Bonhage

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Focus in Brazil video

November 20th, 2010

Crazy autumn tour behind. Netherlands, Taiwan, UK, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia, Switzerland and Brazil. Made it home safe. Had a great time in the very south end of the huge country, Brazil. Stayed in a city called Bento Conçalves, the wine capital of Brazil. Brazilian people showed incredible hospitality and so much heart and passion for the dance. Thank you everybody I met during the trip, I’m back full of energy and inspiration.

Here’s a little video I put together about the trip, including a Wild Style park session, battle against Mr. Fe from Sao Paulo, one of the older generation bboys from over there, and some extras.

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Switzerland trip photos

November 9th, 2010

A few photos from Circle Kingz trip. During bboy jam I’m busy getting down so mostly took shots at the Graffiti jam the day before:

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Flow Mo Crew Circle Kinging it 2010

November 8th, 2010

Five times in the final of Circle Kingz. A lot of hard training, time to chill for a bit now…

Flow Mo Crew Circle Kinging it 2010

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Circle Kingz this weekend

November 4th, 2010

The fifth and the last time battling at the Circle Kingz this weekend. CK always ment a lot for us since it represents what we believed is right in this bboy thing. Once more, time to give it all we got!

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Friday Night Breaking @ Saiffa, 1 vs 1 Footwork Battle

November 2nd, 2010

Time to make things happen again in cold Helsinki, check it out:

Yes Yes Ya’ll It’s time again!

Saiffa / Flow Mo Dance School proudly presents!

“Friday Night Breaking @ Saiffa!”


26.11.2010 Friday / 19.30 – 22.00

1 vs 1 Footwork battle

First price: 50 euros in cash, mad fame and bragging rights for the Saiffa Footwork Champion 2010 tittle!


ATA (Ghost Crew)

Focus (Flow Mo)

Wartecs (Flow Mo)


Mercy One

Rome One

Sign up for the battle 19.30, battles start 20.00.

Entrance: 8 euros from everybody

Come out to show your skills and have a funky good time!

“See you in Saiffa!”

Friday Night Breaking on Facebook:



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