Hip Opsession, France

Back home from Hip Opsession, France. Great weekend behind with good people. I always like to say Hip Opsession is the best event in France. It has a great atmosphere with battles on the floor in the middle of people. Good line up, always good dj’s, great hospitality. This was my sixth time in Hip Opsession if I counted right. Last time I did the solo battles six years ago and now was time to defend the old solo tittle.

The guest list for the event was huge with superstar bboys and bgirls from all around the world. Anyhow, preparty circles were limited to like 6 people. That’s crazy, people saving everything for competitions but fortunately there’s still a few that stand out and get down and dirty. Big up to A.T., Poe One, Keebz, El Nino, Born and a few others, you know who you are.

The contest on saturday was tuff. The solo battles were by invitation only guaranteeing a high level. I struggled to the finals with three injuries this time. Being injured somehow reduced stress. Knowing I was limited in my dancing made me to have more fun instead. Felt kind of weird going against so many people with style based on blowups but seemed worth it.

Judges did their thing. Judging different generations going against each other is always hard. Though, Leelou didn’t give me even one vote for any of my five battles. Makes me wonder was he just hating, was it because all of my opponents were French or he wasn’t just feeling what I did. Who knows. The battle against Lamine was a good experience. I grew up watching him so it was great to go at it, both battling with respect.

I’m very proud of A.T. for winning the bgirl battles. Once I taughts her everything I know about bboying. She flipped all of it, has worked like a slave and came up with her own style, now winning some of the biggest bgirl battles in the world, burning bgirls AND bboys. Keep up the good work baby.

Thank you Pick Up Productions for another great Hip Opsession Festival!


Hip Opsession 2011 Bboy Final:

Bgirl final Movie 1 vs A.T.:

Focus vs Menno, final six years ago:

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