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IBE Focus on Footwork Battle

August 27th, 2011

It’s about time again for IBE and this year’s footwork battle! We’re working together to make it dope, hence the name Focus on Footwork battle.

The idea is not to create a million people with only footwork and nothing else, that would lead anywhere. The idea is to bring back more attention on real footwork skills, small ideas with creativity, finesse and mastering your foundation. After the short worldwide “foundation trend”, seems like the main attraction again for breakers is to blow it up and go crazy with power. Nothing wrong with that. But when people learn their airflare before backspin and airchair before babyfreeze, something is getting really twisted. Build your foundation from ground up and your future as a bboy will be stronger.

More information about the IBE Focus on Footwork Battle at the IBE website, sign up on time since already 50 spots is taken:


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