Finnish Championships / Saki-1

Last weekend was a busy one. Around half a year ago I agreed to come back to Finnish Championships solo battles. The idea was to invite a top 8 from Finland, set a few qualifiers for the rest of the spots. Also 4 people from the jam could qualify.

Over all, 60 people entered the solos on Saturday. Competition was tuff and eventually all top 4 ended up being Flow Mo: Hatsolo, A.T, Saki-1 and me. I had a really dope final against Hatsolo, a great opponent and a friend. Over all I felt really happy to be back battling on a high level after struggling with injuries earlier this year. We’ve been training the whole autumn together like crazy, this was a good closure for the season. You can see the final here:

Later was time for some crew business. Saki-1 has been a prospect for the crew since late summer. He did his time well so it was time for his initiation. In Flow Mo you gotta earn your shirt so he had to battle the crew by himself. Job well done and a shirt well deserved.

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