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10 Years of Flow Mo Crew

April 22nd, 2012


Flow Mo Crew was formed today exactly 10 years ago. Proud of the fam.

Official celebration June 15th-17th in Helsinki. More information at the website:

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Flow Mo Sounds

April 13th, 2012

Next month me and A.T will be hosting a club night at Pacifico, a venue few blocks from our place. It’s part of the Young Guns contest, in which the ones who throw the best party will get a wednesday club for the whole summer! So if you’re in Helsinki 9th of May you better show up:


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Bboy Diet

April 5th, 2012

Very often I get asked what do I eat, how to form a great diet to support bboy training. There’s a LOT of information about this out there, and not all of it says the same thing. So the best way is to try for your self to find out what works for you.

Here’s my way. I believe that anything we eat is functional, therefore affects different things. How we feel, how’s our health and energy. I believe our food can also be our medicine and prevent a lot of sickness before hand. So eating properly guarantees you will feel better, that also means you’ll train and perform better.

My diet changes as I learn more. I eat often, 5-6 times a day. When traveling it’s harder to keep up with the diet and everybody slips sometimes. Any change towards better is good.


-raw / uncooked food
-vegetables, fruits & berries
-green tea
-olive oil
-dark chocolate

-potatoes, rice and pasta
-use of micro wave owen


-added sugar, added salt
-anything deep fried


-vitamin c, vitamin d, omega 3

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