January 10th, 2010

Eddie Sancho Interview

When it comes to defining the sound of hip hop in the 90’s, an engineer named Eddie Sancho is definitely a key player. His loooong discography includes classics like “Illmatic”, “Enta da Stage”, “Reasonable Doubt”, “Moment of Truth” - just to name a few.

I was blessed to do an interview with him, so here we go.

1) Could you briefly describe your role in the process of making an album?

- My role in the process of making an album has changed. Before I was very involved, in which I would do everything (record tracks, record vocals & then mix). These were the days when we were back in D&D Studios.

    Now that a lot of these big studios are gone, everything is Pro Tools sessions and I just get sent the song to mix. So in a way its cool that I’m just involved in the mixing process, but miss my organization skills when I was involved in the whole process and knowing what is going on without any surprises!

2) How was it with engineering “Moment of Truth”?

- Engineering “Moment of Truth” was great! But just in general engineering and mixing along with DJ Premier was a great experience! What Premier brought to the table with his production and I with my mixing skillz… It’s hard to find words to describe our combination, but M.O.P summed it up “make magic like Premier and Eddie Sancho”!

3) Unforgettable moment?

- It happened back in Oct 1999, Jay-Z session… There was a baseball playoff game going on between the NY Mets & Atlanta Braves. FYI I’m a huge Mets Fan! So everyone in the studio was watching the game as well as Jay-Z and I remember Jay-Z was texting back and forth with Jermaine Dupri (he’s from Atlanta) whether the Mets would come out with a win or not… and I remember Jay-Z was ready to do vocals, and I kinda kept him waiting, but he was mad cool about it. But unfortunately the Mets lost that night and ended their season. I believe the song was “So Ghetto“.

4) Which song would you choose as a pick of the moment?

- Currently I’m focusing on my own projects as a producer so I don’t really have a song to pick. Working on projects with Iserene Oasis the Bass Sis and Maria Isa. Stay tuned!

Thanks Eddie for the interview & the legendary work.

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