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Underdogs: AZ and Cormega

October 7th, 2009

I’ve always felt the vibes from the two Nas affiliates: AZ and Cormega. They both are going to perform in Finland this weekend @ Helsinki Hip Hop Festival.

Cormega is mostly known for his Queensbridge background with Nas, Mobb Deep and CNN. He was a member of The Firm (Nas, Az, Foxy Brown, backed up by Dr. Dre and Trackmasters), but was replaced with Nature - almost in a cut & paste style. The situation created a long lasting beef between Nas and Mega, which fortunately ended in 2005.

Cormega feat. Tragedy Khadafi - They Forced My Hand

AZ has been making 9 albums and plenty feature verses without changing his sound too much; since his famous appearance on Illmatic 15 years ago.

AZ - The Come Up (Prod. DJ Premier)

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