Arsonists, NonPhixion, Bobitto, RockSteady……

I was just surfing on youtube and found this classic video!
Ill Bill, Jise, Coretex and Q-unique killing it with bboys such as Crazy Legs, Frosty Freeze, Smerk, Fever One…
Let me know if you find out more names of the bboys in this video.

It was released in 1999 on a 12″-single called “SKEME TEAM ( Brooklyn Academy ) -Plan A” on 321Records

Q-unique is RockSteady rhymer  and he has put albums out solo and with croup called Arsonists(split up).  You can see him also dancing in Pro-Am 2000 video. All the Pro-Am videos contains lot of golden footage such as Kenny vs. King Uprock, early Skill Methodz, Ground Zero, Zulu Gremlin…….

More about Q-unique at Myspace


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