Art Of Battle By Alien Ness Mighty Zulu Kingz


Finally there is a real book realeased written by bboy for a bboys to use. Art Of Battle is not the first book about breaking but surelu first that studies the key element of our dancing, battle. I´ll write you a rewiew of the book when I get my hands into it.


“The Art of Battle is the first ever manual created specificly with the bboy who enters judged battles in mind within the pages, are the keys to be successful in any situation a competitor might face in a battle. This is a full colleciton of strategies, things to consider, advice for preparation, training, runs, sets, commandos, routines and a study of gestures and burners.

Without battling, bboying itself would not exist. Every aspect of the dance was created for competition, and every move is judged according to its effectiveness as a weapon. Through battle, b-boys and b-girls learn to use humble discipline as a foundation for arrogant creativity. They transform precision and finesse into symbols of raw agression. They attack without mercy, yet still see their opponents as distinct and valuable human beings. Ultimately, battling teaches its disciples how to style to reconcile opposing forces, a skill that may well be at teh heart of Hip-Hop itself. It is certainly the reason why Alien Ness can simultaneously be one of b-boying’s most vicious warriors and also one it’s most respected diplomats. Joe Schloss, author; “Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop”

You can order book here Art Of Battle


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