Finnish Breaking Jams Summer 2009

I got lot of emails and myspace messages from people abroad asking info about Finnish jams so this post is for you and for everyone who are wondering wich jams to hit or miss this summer.

First one is Oulun Katutanssit wich takes place 2.-5.7.2009 in city called Oulu. This year is third edition of the jam and i have overheard that the afterparties are really dope!
There is 3v3 breaking battle and open showcase battle(allstyles) for maximum of 7people.
Judges are Karim (Actuel Force, France), Sanchez (Sweden), Bboy Ata (Ghost Crew, Finland), Sanaz(Finland, Sharkie (Natural Hype, Sonic Skool Crew, Finland), Syöttökaulus (Young Beat Crew, Finland)

Second we have Paypback Jam 10.-11.7.2009 located in the middle of Finland in the city of Jyväskylä. It`s also my home city although I now live in Helsinki. In the third edition of the jam they have 2vs2 breaking, 2vs2 newstyle and showcase battles.
Judges for the breaking battles are Storm (Battle Squad / Germany), JIMBO (Sticky Ruckus / Finland ), Chino (Fusion Rockers / Spain) and for the newstyle Calle (Sweden), Sanaz (Cooma/Finland) and Sabina(Sweden).
DJs Woo-D (Balkan Mafia / Slovenia), I-Spin (Rancid Rockers / JKL)
In connection with Jyväskylän Kesä festival there is theatre performances from Storm, Flow Mo and Cooma in city theathre.

The Breakerz Trevenge is one of the oldest jams in finland. It was off for many years but thanks to Jimbo(Sticky Ruckus) and M-Flava it`s back!!! Event is held at Tampere 25.7. Quaranteed good vibe with nice venue. Check out highlights videoclip from year 2008.

Last but not least is the multijam weekend in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. We have Circle Prinz Finland and Uk Bboy Championships Eliminations for North Europe 22.-23.8.2009. More info also on forums.
Circle Prinz
2vs2 Battles
Host: Bboy Amjad (7 Dollars Crew, Main organizer of CIrcle Kingz, SUI)
DJ’s:Skeme Richards (Rock Steady Crew, Sesion 31, Philadelphia USA),Renegade (Extended Players, London UK)
Timber (Horse Power Djs, Mighty Zulu Kingz, Barcelona SPA)
Wicket (Footwork Fanatix, Renegades, San Francisco USA),Marre (Ghost Crew SWE),Jesse13 (FIN)

Uk Champs Eliminations
1vs1 Bboy battle, 1vs1 Bgirl battle and Crew Battle
Judges: Bboy Wicket (USA), Bboy Mouse (UK), Just Do It (NED)
Dj’s:Renegade (UK),Timber (UK),Skeme Richards (USA)
Host: Amjad (SUI)
Workshops by Wicket(USA) 19.-20.2009
Few last years have been crazy and I think this year is going to be even more hype!!


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