New York State Of Mind pt.2

Its been two weeks since I came back from NY and its time to sum up what really happened…

First off all it was best New York experiece this far, even though winning RockSteady Anniversary 2006 was pretty amazing. This time I had the time to explore, party and enjoy the feeling of the city where it all begun.

Did two strictly breaking Jam. Ruckus at the Forgotten Borough(footage) in Staten Island. Jam was in a neighborhood called Stapleton, according to wikipedia, some Wu Tang members lived or still lives there. Anyway you could really feel why WU sounds like WU and nothing else.
Second Jam was Breakers Delight in manhattan, nice jam with Dj Getemgump dropping the illest beats. Lot of people was were getting down, Abstract, Tecknyk, Kid Freeze, Breaks Kru, Sesion31, Candy, Dynamic Rockers…..ect
Other than that we went to practice to various spots in New York and Jersey, nice practises no doubt.

New york offers a party for every night with dopest dj:s. We did couple Bobitto`s partyes such as Happy Feet and All 4 Vinyl. Both were super dope with great music that made me sweat on the dancefloor, only topstyles:) We also went to Tecknycs Great Expression, wich was in small underground venue. Party was packed and hype. Four days after UkChamps weekend in Finland with Skeme Richards, was a party called More Than Enough in New York with Skeme and Dj SickRock. Long Island Ice teas and Skeme on the decs, Classic.

Shopping and Sights
During days I had time to go around the city. Did some mandatory shoe shopping, cheap t-shirts, a-shirts(beaters), v-necs, pocket shirts, Levis 501. All the goodstuff.

Here some pics from top left to right.
1. Just finished eating in Wo Hop, rumour says that Bruce Lee used to eat there
2. Chilling after practice in New Jersey with Zebras and Sesion31
3. Washington Square
4. Classinc practice session in McCarren Park with Break Easy, Brooklyn
5. Michael Jacksons birthday party at Prospect Park Brooklyn with Dj Spinna spinning
6. Yoshinoya, Combo meal with huge soda,Chicken and beef bowl in one!!!!
7. Lasse Viren at Staple store party…
8. Top of the world, Empire State building view with pigeon.
9. After the jam, chilling at rooftop. Brooklyn bridge at the backround( you cant see it)

Thanks for Eric, Lance, Bedrock, Nemesis and everyone else who showed me around of me during the trip.

Ps. Go to for all the links and pics if you are reading this on facebook..



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