CIRCLE PRINZ FINLAND 2010, 20.8. Gloria Helsinki

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  1. BTB Production and present


    20th August 2010

    Damage at the door 8 €, all ages

    @ Gloria,
Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki Finland

    International 2 on 2 bboy and bgirl battle

    The winners of the event will be flown out to Circle Kingz Finals (500 euros max) in Lausanne Switzerland November 7th 2010.

    Circle Kingz is the most respected 2 on 2 bboy event in Europe.


    Bboy Amjad (7 Dollars Crew, Main organizer of Circle Kingz, SUI)


    Skeme Richards (Rock Steady Crew, Sesion 31, Philadelphia USA)

    Renegade (Soul Maverics, London UK)

    Timber (Horse Power Djs, Mighty Zulu Kingz, Barcelona SPA)


    Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kingz, Bronx USA)
    Teknyc (Skill Methodz, NYC USA)
    Hatsolo (Flow Mo Crew, Helsinki Finland)

    Registration for battles 16.00-17.00, no sign ups after 17.00!

    Qualification time 17.00-19.00:
Open circles for dancers from which the judges pick 16 best couples who dance the best to go through to knock out battles.

    Judges will be walking around and observing all the circles to see everybody who get down. Both quality and quantity count! Battles start 19.30.
Be there on time. If you're entering the competition, if possible, wear your crew shirt or something that identifies you and your battle partner to make the judges' work easier.

    Circle Prinz is part of the Summer jam weekend, other events during the weekend:

    UK Bboy Championships 15th Year Anniversary Scandinavia/Baltic/Easter Europe Qualifiers
    The Go Off Finland, afterparty for saturday

    Read more in, http://www.Summer and

    WORKSHOPS by Teknyc and Alien Ness at Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School, more info Tanssikoulu saiffa

    Teknyc, Skill Methodz (USA) – Foundational Methodz Workshops, Wednesday 18th August, 15.00-16.30, Thursday 19th August 13.00-14.30

    Alien Ness, Mighty Zulu Kingz (USA) – The Blueprint Workshops, Thursday 19th August 14.30-16.00, Friday 20th August 14.30-16.00

    Prices for workshops: 30 € one workshop (90 minutes) or 90 € for all 4 workshops.*

    Sign up for workshops at, limited amount of spots so be fast!

    Also for any questions about this you can hit me up at focusfmc ( @ ) gmail . com

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  2. Nyt on kyl törkeen hoosee vieraat, Nessi vetää ekan Suomen workshopin, TekNYC roustaa ringit, Amjad mikissä ja Timber, Renegade ja Skeme dekeissä huuuuh!

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  3. Täytyy sanoa, että tulossa on kingit jamit!

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  4. Teknycin shoutsit Summerjam viikonlopulle:

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  5. Dj Renegade Shout out to Helsinki!

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  6. Dj Timberin shoutsit tuleville bileille!

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  7. Bboy Amjad käskee kaikki mukaan tällä viikolla!

    Lähetetty 7 vuotta sitten #
  8. Tänään! Tulee kingii

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  9. Hei kiitti kaikille ketkä tuli paikalle! Jäi hyvä mieli ja fiilis, mitäs muut tykkäs?

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  10. Jäi hyvä mieli ja fiilis todellakin!
    Kiitosta järjestäjille!

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