JJ-Street Baltic Session 2010

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  1. Hola!

    Ensi kuussa Tallinnan keskustassa olisi ison luokan jamit tulossa!


    Tiedot eventistä facebookin perusteella:

    There’s only one…

    Time: From the 29th of October til the 31st 2010
    Location: Nokia Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

    JJ-Street Baltic Session is the biggest international street culture event held in the Baltic region. This will be the third year edition of JJ-Street Baltic Session and it’s gonna be off the hook! Expect a crowd of around 3500 people!

    Categories for JJ-Street Baltic Session 2010:
    Hip-Hop/Newstyle 2 vs 2 (1st prize 500 euros + sponsor stuff)

    Locking 2 vs 2 (1st prize 300 euros + sponsor prizes)

    Popping 1 vs 1 (1st prize 200 euros + sponsor prizes)

    House 1 vs 1 (1st prize 200 euros + sponsor prizes)

    Break Crew Battle 5 vs 5 (1st prize 1000 euros + sponsor prizes)

    Show Competition (choreography competition for groups of 4 to 10 people) (1st prize 1000 euros + sponsor prizes)

    Prop Dance (The music will be picked randomly and the dancers will have to at least 3 different props/requisites in their dance. The objects will be random - ex. a chair, a picture frame, a hat etc – and the items will be not known for the dancers until they step on the stage.) (1st prize 100 euros + sponsor prizes)

    Kapela (Serial Stepperz, FRA)
    Niako (Legion X, FRA)
    Jr Boogaloo (USA)
    Scramblelock (CAN)
    Focus (Flow Mo, FIN)
    Marek (Submission, EST)
    Disco T (Top 9, RUS)

    Responsible for the music:
    DJ Renegade (UK)
    DJ Jam One (SWE)
    DJ JJ (EST)

    Time schedule:
    29.10 – 12:00 Preselections
    23:00 Preparty
    30.10 – 12:00 Finals
    23:00 Afterparty
    31.10 – 12:00 Workshops with the judges

    Ticket information:
    Until the 30th of September: 175 Estonian kroons (EEK) / 12 EURO.
    From the 1st of October: 195 Estonian kroons (EEK) / 13 EURO.
    On the spot: 250 Estonian kroons (EEK) / 15 EURO.
    Participation fee:
    250 kroons (15 euros) per person (lets you enter as many categories as you want).

    Registration to competitions and battles: kadri@jjstreet.ee
    (Send the following information: name, dancer‘s name, category, crew name if possible. After you will be sent further information on how to make the payment.)
    Registration til the 27th of October!

    We recommend accommodation in 16 EUR Hostel (www.16eur.ee). This hostel is situated in the center a few hundred meters from the place where the competition is being held. If you book yourself a room, don’t forget to say that you are coming for JJ-Street Baltic Session 2010, because then you can get a 10% discount from the prices that are already really low. Booking: info@16eur.ee or 005013046

    (More information about the event and description of the categories on http://www.jjstreet.ee)

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