NATURAL 12.11 @ Club YK

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    It's time for all dancers to come together under the same roof when
    NATURAL takes over Club YK's basement. DJs L'it & AXL serving the
    freshest dance music ranging from old school classic to the newest jams.
    House, Hiphop, Funk, Disco & beyond.
    Music that will make you smile and lose yourself on the dancefloor.
    "Get up and DANCE!"

    DJ L'it

    Lasse "Lasa" Hyttinen is better know as one of the most
    sought-after streetdancers and choreographers at the moment in Finland.
    L'it has been spinning records alongside his dance career for a decade,
    ranging from new jack swing -classic to house and everything in between.

    DJ AXL

    A truly versatile DJ, at home in underground dance jams as well
    as more mainstream clubs. The main goal for AXL has always been
    to make the crowd dance, no matter what the place is.
    And when he's not on the wheels of steel, you'll be sure to find him
    on the dancefloor.


    Eli kaikki tanssiat mestoille! Niin bboy:t kuin lockkaajat, poppaajat, newstailaajat ja niin pois päin... Hyvää (katu)tanssimusiikkia laidasta laitaan ;)

    Friday 12.11
    Club YK Basement
    Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
    Free before 23, 8€ after


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