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    Somepoe & Icely Jones (Fire In The City, Oulu)
    DJ Esgrove

    A monthly wednesday-club, RUFF CUT will bring you a wide selection of electronic / underground dance music.
    From Hiphop to House, Disco to Electro, all the way to Dubstep and Drum&Bass - FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT.
    With very probably the best club sound system & acoustics in Finland at the moment, Bassment is the perfect venue to spend your evenings in Helsinki.

    Opening nights special guests Somepoe & Icely Jones hail from the city of Oulu. They are two thirds of the Fire In The City -collective / club night, which focuses on new electronic dance music and especially to the boys number one love: Dubstep.
    Rocking a full house every time, they have brought many foreign and national talents alike to their club night in Oulu. Producers in their own right, the boys have released really interesting stuff on their Chunks Recordings -imprint.


    Resident DJ ESGROVE is a six time Finnish streetdance-champion, and a truly versatile deejay.
    Coming from a long history of street dancing, deejaying was a natural continuum to his love and passion for dance music in many styles and forms.

    A guaranteed party rocker, Esgrove doesn't want to get stuck with just one genre of music. Instead, his dj-sets combine a wide selection of bangin' beats with the only criteria being to keep it very much danceable.
    Today, he can be seen behind the decks ranging from underground dance jams to various club nights and events.

    And when he's not spinning records, you can be sure to find him on the dancefloor!


    WED 8.6.
    22 - 04
    Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
    FREE b4 23.00, 4€ after
    Age 18

    Identity & Visuals by Janne Vesala

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  2. Päivitys:

    Ovet aukeaa 23.00!

    Hyvää soundia luvassa, sitä ennen esimakua Ruff Cut Vol. 1 miksauksesta:

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