Alan Hawkshaw / Alan Parker - The rock machine

January 19th, 2011

Alan Hawkshaw / Alan Parker - The Rock MachineALAN HAWKSHAW / ALAN PARKER

  • The rock machine
  • Themes International Music
  • 1973
  • UK

Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw both did a long and prestigious career as library music session musicians, composers and arrangers for numerous labels. They were also both playing in various bands. Alan Parker in Blue Mink, CCS, Philamonics and Ugly Custard, and Alan Hawkshaw in Shadows and most notably in the legendary British funk band The Mohawks to name a few.

Themes International was a London based library music label, founded by Alan Parker in 1973. Unlike most of the other library labels, Themes was quite strictly concentrating on music for television and movie scores. It’s also one of the funkiset around. They released around 50 releases between 1973 and 1987. The rock machine was their eleventh release and it’s a mixture of midtempo and uptempo funk. All the tracks are quite heavily guitar driven very similar to Bruton’s Heavy rock. And these rock guitars slightly disturb me. All the tracks are actually good too, there’s no fillers on this one. The funky uptempo breakbeat groovers “Outburst”, “Bulldozer”, “Brainstormer” and “Flashpoint” from Alan Hawkshaw with the midtempo “Monza Straight” and uptempo “Trailblazer” from Alan Parker are the highlights of The rock machine. No breaks but a lot of bboy friendly music and the wailing Hammond B3 of Alan Hawkshaw, that’s what it’s all about.

Alan Hawkshaw - Outburst

Alan Hawkshaw - Bulldozer

Alan Hawkshaw - Flashpoint

Alan Parker - Monza straight

Alan Parker - Trailblazer

Written by Mista Tibbz, at 18.00


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