Jean-Paul & Angélique - Jean-Paul & Angélique

January 26th, 2011

Jean-Paul & Angelique - Jean-Paul & AngeliqueJEAN-PAUL & ANGÉLIQUE

  • Jean-Paul & Angélique
  • Charter Line
  • 1975
  • Italy

Charter Line was an Italian label that released their pressings of various range of artists from Dionne Warwick and Herbie Mann to Arlo Guthrie and Todd Rundgren. They also released this mysterious Jean-Paul & Angélique album, from which you don’t seem to have any info at all except that there is this Charter Line pressing. Either it was never officially pressed before this or it had so limited quantities that there’s only few existing. The songs on this one sound like they are taken straight from those mid 1970s Italian library records made by Piero Umiliani or Alessandro Alessandroni. Songs vary from sensuos rare groove tracks like “Latte saldo” and the over 8 minute “Flute’s wind” to uptempo flute funk breakbeat groovers “Saucy san”, “Mooning” and the magnificent “Africa sound”. Really beautiful album, no fillers at all.

Latte caldo

Flute’s wind

Saucy san


Computer man

Africa sound

Written by Mista Tibbz, at 23.08


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