Tequila - Power

March 5th, 2011

Tequila - PowerTEQUILA

  • Power
  • Toniton
  • 1974
  • Sweden

Power was supposingly the only album by this obscure funk outfit that hailed from Sweden but consisted of one Swede, one Englishman and four Mexicans. And it’s not to be confused with the Danish group with the same name that was also active during the mid 1970s. Very little is known of these guys, except that guitarist Jörgen Höglund did a solo album in 1980 and some of the Mexican guys are still playing today. Along Höglund the other funky cats here are Rafael “Chatcho” Sida (percussion), José “Pepe” Ballote (saxophone, flute and bass), Jesus “Chuie” Sida (trumpet and percussion), Renato Lopez (bass, guitar and percussion) and Sam Mardsen (keyboards). They are all on vocals too.

The music on Power varies from downtempo funky soul like “Gotta find a way” to uptempo funk like “Someone to love”. The latter being definitely the best track here. Latin influenced jam “Amigo mio” is also worth to mention with it’s nice flute work and funky latin rhythms as well as the caribbean flavored “Cozumel”, that also has a small break in the middle. Then there’s “Smog city” with a hint of rock feeling and the midtempo instrumental funk track “Soraya”, that starts with a break and continues as a hypnotic funk jam. Overall this is a very funky little obscurity from the land of the elks.

Gotta find a way

Amigo mio


Smog city


Someone to love

Written by Mista Tibbz, at 18.00


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