The Chaplin band – Grandmother’s airpig

November 5th, 2011

Chaplin Band - Grandmother's AirpigTHE CHAPLIN BAND

  • Grandmother’s airpig
  • Papagayo
  • 1979
  • Netherlands

The Chaplin band was formed in 1976 by Maastricht based brothers John and Joe Bartels to respond the growing demands of the Dutch disco fever. Their first single release, “Let’s have a party” was released the same year and was an instant hit. After some line-up changes they released their first album, Grandmother’s airpig in 1979. It was a mix of disco, soul and funk with occasional hints of jazz and even reggae. Despite the occasionally annoying plucking bass it’s actually a pretty decent album.

Most of the tracks are uptempo disco tracks with hints of jazz and soul and a load of funk. Like “How low”, an uptempo vocal disco-funk track with some nice guitarwork, or “I’m gonna start” and “Do it”, soul’ish disco funk numbers with a lot of groove. “Do it” has a nice starting break and almost Cloud One sounding beats. “Funky banana” is an uptempo party-disco track with whistles and weird vocals about a banana with strong accent. There’s “Be my sunshine”, a midtempo jazzy disco-soul track. The title track “Grandmother’s airpig” instead is a nice midtempo pluck bass funk jam, almost eighties sounding. Then there’s a midtempo vocal soul number called “I don’t know why she’s leaving me” and also “I’m gonna start a new life”, a flute driven jazzy vocal number with strong influence of soul. Overall this odd curiosity is a quite nice one when it comes to European disco. Later in the early 1980s they turned their style into more italo disco, but that’s a different story.

Grandmother’s airpig

Disco lights

Do it

How low

Funky banana

Written by Mista Tibbz, at 18.00


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