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The Ben Bernard Group / The Paolo Zavallone Group - The ‘77 sound / Musical cocktail (no. 3)

May 29th, 2012

The Ben Bernard Group / The Paolo Zavallone Group - The 77 Sound / Musical Cocktail (No. 3)THE BEN BERNARD GROUP / THE PAOLO ZAVALLONE GROUP

  • The ‘77 sound / Musical cocktail (no. 3)
  • Bosworth Music
  • 1977
  • UK

Bosworth Music is propably the oldest production music library company around. It was established in London in 1892 for sheet music production. In the 1930s Bosworth moved to 78rpm production and finally in 1966 they started to produce 33rpm records. Despite the long period of production their output catalogue was relatively small. And although they were quite a small company, they had some well known musicians in their catalogue; Klaus Doldinger, David Snell, Syd Dale, Geoff Bastow, Johnny Teupen and Paolo Zavallone among others. Better known with his pseudonym El Pasador, Paolo Zavallone was born in Rome, Italy and did a career as a singer and a composer. I have no idea of his commercial doings, but his library stuff is pretty funky. He also did a bunch of soundtracks and some other projects under different names. Among these was a pretty good disco release in 1977, under a moniker Bimbo e i Milionari. Ben Bernard (also known as Benito Bernardo) instead was a pseudonym of soundtrack and library music composer Bernard Ebbinghouse. He was born in Germany but moved to England in 1935 at the age of eight. He did a long career and composed quite a large amount of soundtracks and scores.

This release was a split album quite typical for some library music companies where each group had their own side. A side was appointed to The Ben Bernard Group while The Paolo Zavallone Group got the b side. Ben Bernard starts his side with a midtempo groover called “Mister big”. It’s followed by a downtempo “Rings around Saturn” and uptempo “Slick Chick”, latter being actually a quite decent track. Then comes “Cockney character” and “Ducks ‘n’ drakes” that are both a way too jolly for me. Last one by Ben Bernard is called “Walkin’ easy” and it’s also a quite nice funky track. Paolo Zavallone’s side is clearly the better and more funky side. It starts with a track called “Gambling”. It starts with a nice percussive break and the same funky beat continues throughout the whole four minutes of this uptempo funker. Next up is a mellow piano driven “Patricia” followed by a little heavier cha-cha esque track “Friendly cha-cha”. Then comes the jazzy “Garden party” with a sort of a break in the end. Another good one is the last track “Subway music” that actually reminds me of their better known and compiled track “Yellow fever”. It starts with a nice break and has several other breakdowns throughout the song.

The Ben Bernard Group - Mister big

The Ben Bernard Group - Slick chick

The Ben Bernard Group - Walkin’ easy

The Paolo Zavallone Group - Gambling

The Paolo Zavallone Group - Friendly cha-cha

The Paolo Zavallone Group - Garden party

The Paolo Zavallone Group - Subway music

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