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Ahmad Nawab - Hapuslah airmata mu

October 30th, 2011

Ahmad Nawab - Hapuslah Airmata MuAHMAD NAWAB

  • Hapuslah airmata mu
  • Sabah Film
  • 1976
  • Malaysia

Hapuslah airmata mu is a 1976 Malaysian musical movie starring singer Sharifah Aini. It’s about a countryside girl moving to Kuala Lumpur to start a professional singing career. Because it’s a happy movie, she of course succeeds with her aim and becomes a star, but at the same time forgetting her family and old friends. I’m not personally a big fan of musical movies, but there’s some really funky parts on this one. As proves the soundtrack too. The soundtrack was composed by Ahmad Nawab (officially Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Khan Nawab Khan), a very well know Malaysian composer and saxophonist. Well at least he’s very famous in his homeland. 1933 born Nawab has done over 2000 compositions and produced over 200 albums during his long career and he’s still active today. The vocal performances here are made by Broery Marantika, Deddy M. Borhan, Junainah Amin and the star of the film Sharifah Aini.

Sharifah Aini’s “Yang di tunggu tak tiba” performance from the film

Musically the soundtrack is a mixture of instrumental funk, funky Malaysian pop, folk pop and ballads. And there’s few standout tracks worth to mention. Funky uptempo pop numbers “Yang di tunggu tak tiba” with vocals by Sharifah Aini and “Seiring jalan” with vocals by Broery Marantika along Sharifah Aini. Another uptempo funky track is “Kau di sayang” with really catchy vocals by Junainah Amin. It’s got a really funky beat and even has a break in the beginning. In my opinion the best track is the midtempo instrumental “Regent club” with a lots of wah wah, funky beats and Nawab’s saxophone works. This album was a really positive surprise for me as I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this. I definitely got to get more of Nawab’s albums to my shelf.

Seiring jalan

Kau di sayang

Regent club

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