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Pablo Discobar - The only thing

March 3rd, 2011

Pablo Discobar - The Only ThingPABLO DISCOBAR

  • The only thing
  • Private pressing
  • 2006
  • Australia

Melbourne based Pablo Discobar was established in the early 00s. It consists of some of the funkiest musicians of the whole Melbourne area. Throughout the years there’s been some changes in line-up and in this The only thing EP the following guys are playing - Julian Feldman (vocals), Arik Blum (guitar / vocals), Paul Glezer (bass), David Orlanski (drums), Simon Greenfield (saxophone), Matt Mahoney (trombone), Tomas “The Rev” Correa (trumpet) and Hue Blanes (keyboards). After the success of the EP, they have also released a self titled full length album in 2009, although it’s only in cd format as far as I know.

In this one you can find five heavy floor shakers recorded in one all-night jam session. “Devil’s song”, a midtempo vocal funk song starts the album. Next up is “I got it”, an uptempo breakbeat funk track similar to the interestingly named “Interlude”. It’s not an actual interlude as we think of the term, but only shorter than the others. “Pleasure-come-pain” is downtempo but funky vocal track quite similar to the last song “Don’t gimme the loop”. On the flipside there’s instrumentals to all the tracks except “Don’t gimme the loop”. No fillers, only killers as you can say.

Devil’s song

I got it



Don’t gimme the loop

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