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Creation - Super Rock in the Highest Voltage

April 26th, 2012

Creation - Super Rock in the Highest VoltageCREATION

  • Super Rock in the Highest Voltage
  • Express
  • 1978
  • Japan

Japanese psychedelic rock band Creation was formed in late 1960s by guitarist-singer Kazuo Takeda. Back then they called themselves Blues Creation and played more blues oriented heavy psych rock. After four albums and constant changes in line-up they dropped blues off from their name in 1972. The first album, the self titled Creation, was released in 1975. Weirdly, it has a bunch of naked little boys on the cover, which is very disturbing. The same theme continued on their third album, Pure Electric Soul, but this time the naked boys were packed on front window of the bus. Between these two was released Felix Pappalardi and Creation, an album made with the former Mountain bassist and vocalist Felix Pappalardi. Creation was finally disbanded in the early 1980s.

This fourth studio album of Creation, called Super Rock in the Highest Voltage was released in 1978 and it’s sounds were somewhat softer than on the first ones. While the first three albums were more or less psychedelic rock, this album is pretty strict jazz-rock fusion. The album starts with a song called “Wild cat”, an uptempo fusion jam with a really hectic break in the beginning and some nice percussion work in the middle. Next one is called “Swamp boy”. It’s a downtempo, funky blues jam again with percussion and wailing guitars. After that is another uptempo track called “Fou-fou, gun-gun”. It’s much lighter than the first one, but still quite ok. First one on the flipside is “No problem”, a percussive midtempo latin flavored jazz jam. Next one, “Spinning toe hold part 2″ is yet another uptempo bboy friendly breakbeat track. And a quite strong one. It was originally released on the b-side of “Spinning toe hold” single (taken from Pure Electric Soul), and it was the theme song for the American wrestling superstar duo The Funks (consisting of brothers Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr.). I can only imagine the atmosphere when The Funks entered the ring and this was playing aloud. The last one on the album is a slow blues track called “Blues from Tokyo”. I must admit that Super Rock in the Highest Voltage is actually a pretty good one for a late 1970s album.

Wild cat

Swamp boy

Fou-fou, gun-gun

No problem

Spinning toe hold part 2

Blues from Tokyo

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Secret oyster - Vidunderlige kælling

March 11th, 2011

Secret Oyster - Vidunderlige KaellingSECRET OYSTER

  • Vidunderlige kælling
  • CBS
  • 1975
  • Denmark

Secret oyster was a short lived jazz-rock fusion supergroup from Denmark that was active only few years during the mid 1970s, but still released four albums. The group was basically a collaboration that emerged from the remnants of Danish prog, psych and fusion bands Burnin’ red Ivanhoe, Coronarias dans and Hurdy gurdy. Musically Secret Oyster was close to the fusion greats Mahavisnu orchestra, Nucleus and Return to forever. Vidunderlige kælling (wonderful bitch) was released in 1975 and was their third album. When Royal Danish Ballet asked them to provide the music for their forthcoming erotic ballet based on the poetry of Jens August Schade they accepted the offer. Besides being very controversial project due the nudity, the musical choice was also quite surprising. Jazz-rock fusion is not the first what comes to mind when thinking of ballet.

The album starts out calmly enough, with the orchestral “Intro” and the spacy “Stjernerne pa gaden.” Next up is “Sirenerne”, a funk-rock esque fusion track, that had some critics comparing them to Miles Davis‘ band at the time of Bitches Brew. “Astarte”, with its Middle Eastern vibes due the sitar work and quite hypnotic rhythm is also a great track. The best track can be found on the b-side however. “Bellevue” starts with a long break and continues as funk track with some fusion elements and two additional breaks in the middle and in the end. The rest of the b-side is again very calm and essential orchestrated material. The album ends with “Outro” that starts with an ominous Moog and string synths before climaxing to a fluttery finale. Weird but beautiful despite the slightly disturbing cover. Vidunderlige kælling was also released internationally with the same cover but under the name Astarte.




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Syrius - Széttört álmok

February 7th, 2011

Syrius - Széttört álmokSYRIUS

  • Széttört álmok
  • Pepita
  • 1976
  • Hungary

Syrius was a hungarian progressive jazz-rock band that was founded in 1962 by tenor saxophonist Baronits Zsolt. Their debut album Devil’s masquerade was released first in Australia in 1971 and a year later in Hungary under a name Az Ördög álarcosbálja. From 1970 to 1973 they were considered to be the most unique prog rock band in Hungary and one of the best from the whole Europe. Their second album Széttört álmok (Broken dreams) was released in 1976 and it was kind of reflecting the bands faith within its name. Only two members were left from the strong first album line-up and instead of the five players in Devil’s masquerade, there was total 15 musicians playing in this second album. It was not considered to be as good as the first one by Baronits Zsolt and he disbanded the band shortly after in 1977.

Despite being considered as a minor disappointment by Zsolt, I think this second album is more funky and grooving than the first album. There’s plenty of breaks and beats in addition to the jazz-rock fusion groove they got. Tracks vary from downtempo funky fusion jams like “Hol az az ember” (Where Is The Man) to ballads and uptempo funk-rock tracks. “A láz” (The Fever) is an uptempo funky fusion song with breaks and slightly disturbing rock guitars made famous by the late break dj Leacy. “Kinyújtom kezem” (I’m streching out my arms) starts with a break ja continues as a nice funky uptempo number with another long break in the middle. Title track “Széttört álmok” (Broken dreams) is a midtempo funk track with a break, guitars and some percussion work. Széttört álmok is one of the best albums that ever came out from the Hungarian national record company Pepita.

Hol az az ember

Széttört álmok

Kinyújtom kezem

A láz

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