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Geza Vegh och Hans Musiker - Jazzbalettrytmer

August 15th, 2012

Geza Vegh och Hans Musiker - JazzbalettrytmerGEZA VEGH OCH HANS MUSIKER

  • Jazzbalettrytmer
  • TBV
  • 1970s
  • Sweden

There’s not much info about Geza Vegh nor his musicians, but we know that he did at least this one album, Jazzbalettrytmer (jazz ballet rhythms). It’s one of the several jazz ballet albums released in Sweden during the 1970s and 1980s. Since it’s strictly intended for jazz ballet, all the tracks are very danceable although they vary in pace. And they’re danceable not only in jazz ballet studios, but in bboy cyphers too. The monotonic tracks are great in rhythm although they mostly lack all the melodies and horn stabs that the regular funk music have.

Side a starts with a midtempo latin track and is followed by an uptempo drum frenzy one. Next up is two midtempo drum tracks, first jazzy one, then more funky with a good breakbeat and some piano works and then another jazzy one. Then comes a downtempo song before the last track on side a, which is another uptempo breakbeat drum frenzy. Side b opens with clearly the best track on the album. A strong bboy breakbeat track that actually is just one long three and half minute break. It’s followed by another mellow piano driven track and a latin flavored downtempo track. next is another long four minute midtempo drumbreak. then comes yet another piano track before the last track, a two minute jazzy one. There is no track names and it’s also hard to figure out the sides since Jazzbaletrytmer is a whitelabel. There’s BB and CC scratched on the dead wax and that’s how I choose what’s side a and what’s side b. Jazzbaletrytmer is an interesting album and pops up quite scarcely. Pick it up if you can.














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Remigio Ducros - La palla é rotonda

July 1st, 2012

Remigio Ducros - La Palla E RotondaREMIGIO DUCROS

  • La palla é rotonda
  • Vroommm
  • early 1970s
  • Italy

There were several small Italian production music library companies that were active some years from late 1960s to maybe mid 1970s and then just faded away. Vroommm was one of those, it was extablished in late 1960s and released small but diverse selection of records. In honor of the ongoing football European championships I bring up one of their records, a concept album by the Italian composer Remigio Ducros, La palla é rotonda (in English ‘the ball is round’). Different styled compositions relating to sports and especially football was the thing in this album.

Musically this album is quite diverse and maybe not funky as could be expected by the composer. There’s weird moog tracks, dark and spacy synth tracks, light and moody vocal tracks and so on. There’s highlights of course too. The downtempo synth track “Calcio al ralenti” is pretty ok as well as the midtempo moogy and funky “Una partita agitata”. There’s however four tracks above the others. “Contropiede”, a guitar heavy latin influenced uptempo groover. A funky midtempo breakbeat track “La rimonta”. A midtempo drum and percussion track “Pressing” and a little similar sounding but funkier “Sgambetto”. This nowadays very rare album is maybe not worth the full price but if seen cheap enough, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

Calcio al ralenti

Una partita agitata


La rimonta



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Midsummer Finngroove Mix of 2012

June 23rd, 2012

Midsummer Finngroove Mix 2012

It’s Midsummer and that is the time when most of us Finns flee to our summer cottages on countryside and drink our asses off and listen to old Finnish music. This year I was having an urban Midsummer at home and I was kinda inspired of all the bonfire and sausage grilling pictures people kept posting on facebook. I decided to celebrate the Summer Solstice my way and do a small mix of late 1960s and early 1970s Finnish groovy music. Since I decided to do it yesterday it’s done in a haste, I hope you still enjoy it. cheers.

Listen to it here..

or here..

Midsummer Finngroove Mix 2012 by Mista Tibbz


or download it here..

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Disco Blaze - Jump back

September 24th, 2011

Disco Blaze - Jump BackDISCO BLAZE

  • Jump back
  • Iyanda records
  • Mid 1970s
  • Nigeria

Almost nothing is known of this band called Disco Blaze nor their album Jump back. possibly only a handful of copies have survived the years and only one is ever seen on ebay - and that went for over 800 bucks in 2008. That is a true pity as the album is full of dynamite. Good thing is that the album was reissued in 2010, so we all have a chance to get it now. Despite their disco referring name, the music is heavy afro funk with influences of rock and soul. Of course there’s a mandatory ballad too, but it’s done in a good way with femme vocals and all. The group was from Ibadan, a city located in western Nigeria and they were propably performing in same places with the pioneering juju and highlice musician Tunde Nightingale, who was from the same city. Sade Adu - the singer and frontwoman of the British band Sade - was also originally from Ibadan.

But back to the music. The hypnotic rhythms of their heavy afro sound with fuzz guitars, wah wah and banging drums are really amusing throughout the whole album. And there’s some nice long breaks too. Like “Jump back (comm’ of the fireballs)”, a long uptempo instrumental funk jam with a tight, half minute break in the end. Or slightly slower paced “Hear the musik”, another hypnotic funk jam with some hook vocals and a break in the end. Third one to mention is “Come show me the way”, a midtempo vocal jam with some nice guitarwork. Very similar is “Plastic feelings”, a midtempo psychedelic funk track with wailing guitars and similar beat to the others. The only ballad is “Medley/solitude/weariness” with quite heavy drums and trembling female vocals in the first part of the song.

Jump back (comm’ of the fireballs)

Come show me the way

Hear the musik

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Byron Peterson orchestra - Jazz rock U.S.A.

February 11th, 2011

Byron Peterson Orchestra - Jazz Rock USABYRON PETERSON ORCHESTRA

  • Jazz rock U.S.A.
  • Hoctor
  • early 1970s
  • USA

Once America’s #1 organizer of dance workshops and competitions, Hoctor Dance Enterprises was established in 1959 by Danny and Betty Hoctor, a famous dance team who later founded a record company to produce material for dance instruction. From the early 1960s they produced wide range of music intended for dancing. Most of the albums produced are non-interesting traditional stuff, but there’s several pearls to be found from their catalogue too. Not much info is available of this record’s artist, Byron Peterson, except a short bio that’s written on the back cover.

The title Jazz rock U.S.A. is a little misleading one. the record doesn not contain any jazz-rock at all, it’s a mixture of mellow jazz grooves and jazzfunk. In their own way all the tracks are good or at least decent. There’s a lot of percussion, catchy horns and no electric guitar at all. Despite the occasional cheesy feeling, Jazz rock U.S.A. is one of the best ones as a whole in the Hoctor catalogue. Album starts with a groovy midtempo track “Sunday satisfaction” that has a kind of a break in the beginning and nice mellow groove throughout the song. Next up is a smooth cover of Bill Withers‘ classic “Ain’t no sunshine” that starts as a mellow downtempo groover and suddenly fastens the pace with a percussion break before getting back to mellowness again. Much covered Isaac Hayes‘ “Theme from Shaft” follows. It’s a pretty funky take with more jazziness than the original. The covers of Carole King’s “I feel the earth move” and Arthur Conley’s “Funky street” are also good ones. Rest of the songs are groovy jazz numbers such as “Blues down” and “Moogie mood”. Now that Hoctor Records has bankcrupted there’s no possibility to get exact info when this was released but around 1972 should be quite close.

Blues down

Moogie mood

Ain’t no sunshine

Sunday satisfaction

Theme from Shaft

I feel the earth move

Funky street

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