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Dave Pike set - Noisy silence, gentle noise

January 1st, 2011

Dave Pike set - Noisy silence, gentle noiseDAVE PIKE SET

  • Noisy silence - gentle noise
  • MPS
  • 1969
  • Germany

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Dave Pike started out his career backing for artists such as Dexter Gordon, Harold Land, Carl Perkins and so on. In the early 1960s he started playing vibraphone with flautist Herbie Mann. In the late 1960s his music became more experimental and his move to Germany started an era that produced some of the most original jazz recordings of the time. He formed the Dave Pike set with guitarist Volker Kriegel, drummer Peter Baumeister and bassist Hans (Johann-Anton) Rettenbacher and together they recorded several albums. From these Got the feelin’ (1969) and Noisy silence, gentle noise (1969) are clearly the most funky and grooving.

Noisy silence, gentle noise is a mixture between free jazz, soul jazz and bop with a hint of orient flavor due to the sitar work of Volker Kriegel. The best and at the same time the most well-known track is the sitar-banger “Mathar” that has been played and compiled million times all around. Of course there’s a pretty good reason for that, it’s one of the best sitar-funk songs ever made. After the 35 second sitar intro the song is banging all the way through with a breakbeat drums and psychedelic sitar sounds. There’s also some other pretty good jazz tracks. “I’m on my way” and “Walkin’ down the highway in a red raw egg” for example. Too bad this album is quite rare and mostly overpriced. Even the reissue from 2000 can fetch over 40 euro price tag nowadays. There’s also 45 of “Mathar” and several different format reissues around.


Walkin’ down the highway in a red raw egg

I’m on my way

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