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Yutaka Mizutani - Necchû jidai

March 7th, 2011

Yutaka Mizutani - Necchu JidaiYUTAKA MIZUTANI

  • Necchû jidai
  • For life
  • 1979
  • Japan

Originally from Ashibetsu City, Hokkaidō, Yutaka Mizutani moved to Tokyo when he was eight. He started taking acting classes at the age of 12 and that launched his reluctant career that has been lasting for decades. Late 1970s his agency encouraged him to start doing music. His albums sold very well and he’s been releasing albums every now and then to this very day. In 1978 he starred in a drama comedy tv series called Necchû jidai, where he also did the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is quite typical Japanese soundtrack with variety of different types of music and dialogue placed over the songs. Music is either Japanese soundtrack-disco oriented or orchestrated drama. Album starts with the short uptempo disco’ish vocal track “水谷 豊/カリフォルニア・コネクション 1″ (Kariforunia konekushon 1) (read “California connection 1″). The last one on the first side, “水谷 豊/カリフォルニア・コネクション 2″ (Kariforunia konekushon 2) continues the theme of the first track. “タケシベーダー” (Takeshibēdā) is a mellow funky track with a slightly reggae feel and a lot of dialogue. “ノスタルディア・フライト” (Nosutarudia furaito) is a midtempo disco boogie track with some dialogue at the start and a lot of strings. The funky midtempo “絶対絶命!授業参観” (Zettai zetsumei! Jugyō sankan) starts with a dialogue and continues with nice funky percussion beat and oddly some effects that sound like they’re straight from Super Mario games - although the first Mario bros was released four years later. The only negative thing is that it’s only 47 seconds long. One song however goes over the others within it’s pace and bboy friendliness. “翔べ!夕陽に向って” (Tobe! Yūhi ni mukatte) is an uptempo track that starts with a break, continues as a funky disco song before it turns to the break again. Only one dialogue shout is involved at the start. Overall these songs are all quite short, as is the case with most of the soundtracks from Japan. The cover is also worth to mention, the guy with a huge revolver in the upper pic and the class of little kids in the pic below is a strange combination, but surely it’s a nice series. Or is it? Have anyone even seen it?

Kariforunia konekushon 1

Kariforunia konekushon 2


Nosutarudia furaito

Zettai zetsumei! Jugyō sankan

Tobe! Yūhi ni mukatte

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